Historical Mutton Curry | ऐतिहासिक मटन करी | Generation Old Family Run Mutton Recipe| Ravi’s Special

Good Morning Friends I, Ravi Sisodiya today bring to you an old recipe that used to be made by my father I will share that recipe with you I go back to 50 years back when my father took me to the meat shop and taught me how to buy meat When we used to come home he asked me to grind spices with hand Spices such as coriander, ginger, garlic and green chilli etc on “Silbatta” and used to check later If it was fine otherwise he used to ask me to do it again but nowadays the situation has changed. Now we have mixer and grinder to prepare the spices or paste in minutes Today I am sharing a 50 year old recipe learned from my father So the mutton curry we are going to prepare let me tell you something about it That you have tried many of my recipes and have appreciated it This is one among them and one of my best recipe The ingredients used in this mutton curry are We have 1 Kg meat of goat also Sugar – 1 tbsp Lemon Juice – 1 tbsp Salt – 2 tbsp Mathania Red Chilli Powder – 2 tbsp At that time also Mathania Red Chilli Powder was available and now also this is available. Famous red chilli from Rajasthan The meat made with this red chilli is amazing Next I have Ginger Garlic Paste – 2 tbsp Cashews – 15 which I have mixed with milk and made a paste Coriander Powder – 3 tbsp Curd – 100 ml Clarified Butter – 200 ml Green Chilli – 20 Coriander – 10 gm Onions – 6 To make Mutton Curry the whole hot spices that we have to make are Black Cardamom – 3 Green cardamom – 4 Cloves – 8, Black Pepper – 15 Royal Black Cumin – 1 tbsp Cinnamon Stick – 2 Chabila – 1 tbsp Nirav Mace – 1 Turmeric – 1/2 tbsp To make this mutton curry let me tell you something specific about it that how my father used to make it He used to boil the mutton because at that time pressure cooker were not available now we will use pressure cooker Put the mutton in 1 litre water also add whole onions in it apart from it the hot spices I will add them in a handkerchief and tie it and them also Apply 3-4 whistles and when the meat gets tendered I will take out onions, meat and take out the the spices and discard them This is the different and wonderful recipe of this dish To make this special mutton curry we will take a cooker and put 1 litre water in it Now add meat in it I have kept the pieces in big size because my father used to love big pieces Add whole onions also Later we will take them out and make a paste of it The hot spices as you can see I am taking them out in a separate cloth A very different and old recipe approx 50 years back my father used to make it has a very different taste Till now many recipe you had eaten this is one of the best Try it once Now these hot spices are to wrapped in handkerchief so that they do not fall just see the way I am doing it Slightly put the hot spices in the pressure cooker We have kept meat, onions and hot spices with 1 litre water Now blow 4 whistles and then close the pressure cooker This was the 4th whistle now close the gas and now the meat and hot spices and now well tender in it Now open it after 10 mins Now this cooker is cold Now we will take the onions out. We also have put green chillis in grinder We had added 6 onions This is a very different method to make the meat When you make and eat this will be a hit among your friends and family I told you that this hot spices packet has all spices crux in the cooker now discard the spices Now this is the mutton take it out I have taken out mutton in a separate bowl Onions and chilli are in grinder. Make paste out of it And the meat water which you can see will be used to make mutton curry As you can see we have taken a heavy bottom pan And now in this pan we will add the clarified butter 200 ml Let it heat for 1-1.5 mins Clarified butter is now hot and reduce the flame Now the meat that we have fry it for approx 7-8 mins As you can see 8 minutes have elapsed and the meat is fried now Now close the gas and take it out in a separate bowl We have fried the mutton and let us take it out in a separate bowl Switch on again the gas Meat is taken out. Clarified butter is left now in this clarified butter itself We add paste of onions and green chilli As you can see the paste of green chilli and onions has been added in clarified butter with this we will also add red chilli salt coriander lemon juice sugar cook it for 5-7 mins 5-7 mins have elapsed Now in this we add mutton As you know that we have mutton stock made of onions and hot spices I am using that water to cook meat and spices Also we will add ginger garlic paste curd is to be added at last since curd does not allow the meat to tender so we will use it at last Now increase the flame and cook for 10-12 mins add turmeric Let me tell you one more thing I always use natural colors I add Kashmiri Red Chilli. This is optional That is why I didn’t say it earlier This is for giving color and I since I love colors that is why I am adding 2 tsp of Red Chilli. This is not spicy at all. But the color is very good This must be cooked properly Now 60-70% mutton is cooked now Now we will add curd and the main ingredient Cashew Paste is to be added generally this is used in royal recipes Cashew paste and clarified butter truly enhances the taste Mix it properly Now cook it also for 8 minutes approx As you can see the masala is well cooked now Now we will use mutton stock to add as liquid we will not add separate water This will help us make curry I have added all the meat water and now we will cover the lid we will cover it for 30 mins and later open it and see the position half an hour has elapsed and gravy is well seen looks so good look at it the meat is ready if it is not tender you can keep it again for 15 mins I had seen it is tender now It depends on meat also that goat is of how much weight This mutton curry is ready Now we add the last ingredient coriander we will add it Cover the lid again Now this mutton curry is ready. Thanks.

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  1. Excellent recipe sir. Ek request hai. Aapki voice bahut echo ho Rahi thi. Kindly uske liye kuch kariye pls. Keep posting .

  2. Very nice sir if you hol chli&coridan seeds grains by hand &after use in recipe;it's very nice in test sir you willtray sir.Thek you.

  3. The mutton cooked by our father is always the best….I remember how my grandfather used to cook the mutton… he always ask to grind the spices just before the time comes to put them in….I loved that mutton cooked by my grandfather…..I can see the love and respect in your voice and eyes for your father……anyways super recipe hukum🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. I like this recipe., it gave me my childhood remembrance. My father cooked to this way. in 1964 he taught me in real sense how to cook. thanks Ravi jee.

  5. वाकई Historical Dish hai. मैंने पहले Try किया फिर comment कर रहा हूं ।Thanks

  6. This idea of boiling meat first is very useful afterwards we have to concentrate on thickness n texture of curry only. Great recipe chef.

  7. Bahut umda recipe hai. Masala potli ka idea bahut badhiya hai. Maine banai aur mere pitaji jinhone kabhi bhi kuch nahi banaya unke saath baith kar khai. Aap bhi apne pitaji ko pitaji hi kahe father kahna recipe ke richness ko soot nahi hota.

  8. आपको लाख समझाने के बावजूद आप अपनी गलती सुधारने को तैयार नहीं हैं। आपको मैंने आपके पहले बनाये वीडियो में भी कहा था कि अलुमिनियम की सिपरी में लकड़ी की कड़छुल प्रयोग करें लेकिन आप अलुमिनियम को खुरच खुरच कर जहर खाने पर तुले हुए हैं।

  9. Sir i have tried some of ur recipes they r really good and have some traditional touch
    Luv em..susbribed sir 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  10. Kesi recipe h ye last m plating hi nhi ki aur isko bnane m 2 hr or bartan ka dher LG jayaega or plating to kra kro boss

  11. Youtube में millions chefs हैं पर अंकल जी के बात करने का तरीका सबकी चमक फीकी कर देता है.

  12. Good Cooking Sir……kya aap Home Delivery b krte ho😁😄😁😄 …..mouth watering dish mene apka chnl subscribe kiya h next dish….

  13. Dahi Mutton ko tender nahi hone deta and others says Dahi se Mutton/Chicken tender karta hai? Please let us know about it.

  14. ye aapke ek dish ko introduce karne ka tareeka bahut acha laga ….please hume bhi batay ki mutton kyse ya kya kya dekh k mutton pasand kiya jata hai…

  15. Next time mere kitchen me banana,, 12..15 spices and masala or dunga wo b dal dena.

    Kya banaya ye.

    Bakra b marne k bad ro raha hoga.

  16. I didn’t quite understand what the name of one of the ingredients is in the garam masala plate. Could you please tell me?

  17. mutton ke pieces ke baare me jaankari dijiye sir
    kaafi baar mutton lene jaate h shop pe but pata hi nahi chalta kaun sa piece lena h fat kya hota h kiska taste kaisa h

    curry cut , shoulder cut ye sab nahi samaj aata agar ispe ek video mil jae toh maja aa jae

    kaafi search kara but kaahi iski kuch jaankari nahi mili

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