Historical places of Narsingdi & Brahmanbaria

Entrance of Satgram Zaminder Bari Pond of Satgram Zaminder Bari Built in British Colonial period, locally called Babur Bari., located in Purinda village, Araihazar Narayangonj Satgram Zaminder Bari According to a story by the villagers, a 15 feet long white & black colored snake which is believed to be a spirit of Zaminder’s beautiful Wife “Monoroma”, resides in this abandon Zaminder Bari, some time it comes out from the Zaminder Bari specially in the full moon. Hanging Veranda of Satgram Zaminder Bari Bhai Girish Chandra Sen’s (1835–1910) residence located in Pachdona, he was a Brahmo Samaj missionary, was the first person to produce the complete translation of the Holy Qur’an into Bengali in 1886.It was his finest contribution to Bengali literature. Bhai Girish Chandra Sen’s residence Tomb of Dewan Sharif Dad Khan, grandson of the great “Isa Khan” & his Wife Joynab bibi also burried beside him, located at Purulia, Narsingdi Parulia Mughal Masque Built in 1716 in the ruins of Mughals , located in Parulia village, Narsingdi Parulia Mughal Masque Towards the Wari-Bateshwar Tour mates Tongirtek Archaeological Site, Narsingdi A Buddhist temple has been discovered in the territory of 2500 years old fort city named Wari-Bateshwar located in Narsingdi. It has been located 14 kilometer away from the mother site of The Wari-Bateshwar. It has been discovered at the village of Tongir tek, Shibpur upazila, Narsingdi. Tongir Tek Archaeological Site Photo Archive in Temporary Museum of The Wari-Bateshwar Temporary Museum The Wari-Bateshwar Araphail Masque This beautiful Mughal Architectural Masque built n the middle of Sixteenth century, located at Sarail, Brahmanbaria Tomb near Araphail Masque Araphail Masque Elephant Bridge Built in Mughal period, located at Shahbazpur, Brahmanbaria, this bridge was build for transporting materials by Elephant from one place to another. Elephant Bridge Kalbhairab Temple Kalbhairab Temple A Hindu temple, dedicated to the God Shiva, located in Medda in the Brahmanbaria district of Bangladesh. The temple is famed for the giant Shivalinga, a 28-feet tall Shiva statue assumed to be the largest in the world. Though the Hindu Lord Shiva, who is called the Kal Bhairab is the main attraction, Goddess Kali is also worshipped there. The statue of Kali is situated on the right side of the Kal Bhairab and the statue of the Goddess Saraswati is placed on the left. The temple is a major pilgrimage place for Shaivites in Bangladesh. Kalbhairab Temple Ulchapara Masque Built in sixteenth century, located in Ulchapara village, Brahmonbaria, there is calligraphic stone in Farsi language at the entrance of the Masque, well maintained Mughal structural design. Ulchapara Masque Ulchapara Masque Tomb of an unknown Mughal scholar Pond of Ulchapara Masque Ulchapara Masque The End By Kaiser

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