Historical Styles – 18th Century Hair Tutorial

Hello everybody and welcome back to another
historically inspired hair and makeup tutorial with myself Liv Free. Today I’ll be taking you back to the 18th
century and demonstrating hair and makeup on our beautiful model Kate Fenwick and in the first part I will be demonstrating
the hair and second part I’ll be demonstrating the makeup. Okay so we’ve started by curling Kate’s hair
already. I figured that was a fairly boring thing for
you to sit and watch me do. So you can start by curling your hair it’s
very simple. and all I’m going to do now is sort of section Kate’s hair. and we’re going for fairly big but not a huge
18th century hair do today – this is very very similar to the hairstyle I did on actress
Ellie Pickering’s hair for the 18th century Brunswick dressing video. When it came to hair styling in the 18th century
ladies would use something called Pomatum in their hair. Pomatum was made from animal fats and scented
with pleasant herbs and spices. This would have been worked throughout the
hair. Hair-powder, usually made from starch, was
then applied for the fashionable look. Hair-powders were often white but were also
made in different colors such as brown, pink, blue, violet, gray, and orange. The pomatum and powder together would have
made the hair fairly easy to style. You really want this part of the hair starting
behind Kate’s ear – behind your ear – and just sort
of push the front section of the hair forward. I’m not going to bother clipping it because
it’s being rather obedient and staying where it should. and I’m going to just take the
front section and the top section and I’m just going to
backcomb the roots a little bit. So with the back combing I’m not going up
and down like that because you’ll damage the hair if you do that, but just literally just
push the comb down towards the roots and you’ll see you get quite a lot of volume that way,
and this is going to be the foundation for our hair padding. So that’s just going to be something that
I can pin the hair pads onto. So don’t worry about it being perfect now
you’re not going to see this bit. So for the hair padding I’ve got one rather
large bun ring here and a smaller one on top so it looks, quite amusingly, a bit like a
bread loaf, and I’m just going to pin that onto that back combed section that we just
created. All I’ve done with these hair pads is just
pin the two together. Hair pads were made from wool cloth in a colour
to match the wearer’s hair. These were stuffed with feather down or sheep’s
wool the hair was wrapped around the pads and then pinned into place. So probably, in all, probably going to put
in about four pins to secure these hair pads into Kate’s head. So with these side sections I’m just going
to give it a bit of a spray some hairspray – don’t be shy you’re going to need a lot
of this stuff! I’m just going to take a volumizing powder
and I’m just going to sprinkle this on the roots of the hair and backcomb ever so slightly
you don’t need much of this a little goes a long way. Okay so I’m just gonna leave it like that
for now and then I’m just going to repeat that on the other side so these front sections
are what’s going to be covering the bun ring because you don’t want to see that, obviously! So now I can have a look at where I’m gonna
bring this hair, so I’m just gonna bring the front sections over the top of the bun ring
and because we’ve got the product in the hair and the the ha.. you know all the volumizing
powder and the hairspray it will help support the back-combing and you can sort of… now
you can sort of play with where you’re going to put the hair. You just sort of comb the outside of it so
it looks a little bit smooth obviously. Switch to my different comb. Starting to see there’s… I need a bit more back combing in there. A bit more hairspray… yeah okay I’m gonna
put my first pin in now and that will help just hold it in place while I continue to
fiddle around. So this pin will just go underneath the bun
rings at the back there. Is that all right? that’s not in an uncomfortable place is it
Kate? -No Good! Okay, so that’s one side where I’m fairly
happy with where the hair is going I will continue to sort of build and work around
it. So now I can work on just finalizing this
side. Just smoothing that hair out. Just going in with my pin tail comb, I’m just
sort of manipulating her hair. So you can see any unevenness from the from
the back combing you can just go in with your pin tail comb, just sort of the metal part
and just gently sort of tease those areas out without ruining that by using a hair brush
or anything. So it’s quite good for that really. I’m just gonna pop another pin in to secure
this bitch okay so now I can really start to work on the shape and covering of the buns
in there, smooth things out a bit. just have a play and see what works best for
you – in the mirror. It doesn’t feel heavy – at all. Yeah it’s a great thing about using those…
that hair padding, it’s not heavy. Really all we’re going to do is just sort
of pin these curls up around the back here so it’s going to be fairly big here and we
will also leave out a little bit just to hang down. so what I’m going to do is just take sections
of these curls and I’m just going to sort of roll them up into barrel curls, and I’m
just going to pin them and you can just sort of tease them out a little bit then take a section, now I appreciate this
be very hard to do on yourself so just sort of roll the the curls up and pin them as best
you can. If you’re doing it with somebody else then
you know obviously this back bit will be a little easier. so I’ve taken another section of hair and
I’m just going to hold this with my left hand in between my index finger and my thumb and
then when with my other hand I’m just going to take that little tail of hair there and
bring that up so you got a loop and then just sort of wind your way up with the length of
hair and then you’ve got this curl and then you can pin that into position. and that’s a barrel curl and then you can
just sort of tease that open a little bit so you’ve got lots of volume there. and so you just want to repeat that really
until you’ve got most of this section of hair up and in curls. Okay, so I’ve got all of the hair pinned up
and I’ve just left out this little bit here and just giving it a bit of an extra curl
and a bit of a hairspray and that’s good to go. So and, Kate if you just turn you head this
way for me. So you can kind of see all of the curls here. Now I appreciate it not all of you have the
hair for this but you can use hair extensions, that will work perfectly fine. Alternatively you can just style a wig with
this particular hairstyle and you know you might find for all of the historical styles
that might be the easiest way to go, but it’s exactly the same principle if you were styling
your own hair, somebody else’s or a wig, that’s why, it’s good to see it from this… this
point of view. So now really all you have to do is just sort
of see if there’s any other tweaks that you need to do… a bit more hairspray, just to
make sure that you’ve got a good shape going on at the front. Which I think I’m quite happy with that. I’m just gonna spray these curls at the back. Now this is one of many different kind of
eighteenth-century styles, it’s same really with any area that we do but if there’s a
particular hairstyle 18th century or no that you would like to see me recreate, then please
say in the comments! Because I know that 18th century particularly
is very very popular and I’m happy to do pretty much anything cuz it’s great fun for me! So, yeah, let us know. Ok so you could leave it like that or you
could add some white hairspray, I’ve got some white hairspray. So we’re gonna have a bit of fun. Just make sure you cover your face. Just give the appearance of powder that they
used to use in their hair and in the wigs. So you’ve got a good eighteenth-century piercing
going there Kate! Lovely I think that will do. okay so you don’t have to do that obviously
but that’s just a bit of fun and I couldn’t resist, so there we go here finished hair. ten out of ten approve well done join us for part two where I will be demonstrating the makeup and you can see the finished look

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