Home safety for baby: second hand and antique products

Many people lend, give away or sell baby products
they no longer need. Many businesses also sell second-hand baby
products. Second-hand products sold by businesses are
required to meet current mandatory standards. However, people who hand on or sell baby products
privately may not be aware of product bans and mandatory standards. It’s best to check these for yourself. Old cradles, high chairs, toys and other items
may look charming and have fond memories, but they’re probably not up to today’s
standards. If in doubt, don’t use them. Never let your baby sleep in an antique cot. These cots do not meet modern safety standards—they
are really only for show. Don’t be tempted to use an antique cot because
it looks great or has been in your family for a long time: your baby’s safety is much
more important. Refer to our HOME SAFETY FOR BABY: TAKEAWAY
TIPS publication available at www.dmirs.wa.gov.au/child-safety

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