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Good morning and welcome back to another video today. I’m going to be showing you how to make a pair of these beautiful earrings. And I’m gonna go down on zoom so you can really get a good look at it and they’re done using these two holed ginkgo leaf beads, and these are absolutely beautiful beads to work with and when I found a way to incorporate them with super duos that was it I said, oh my goodness it fits and I’m going to make a pair of beautiful earrings so these are very beginner friendly quick and easy and I can’t say enough good things about them. I absolutely love them and I also have a ring tutorial to go with it. I figured out how to change the design a little bit so that I could make it into a ring because I wanted this beginning part to stay together just like this Not bend or curve or anything So I had to tweak it for a ring to get it to fit beautifully and it came out really really nice. So we’re gonna run through the material list real quick You’re gonna need some ginkgo leaf beads some super duos Some 4mm Swarovski Bicones two, 6mm Swarovski Bicones and that’s for right there Two 6mm rounds and that’s for here you’ll need spacers and that’s all optional and that’s just above and below this round and Some 15’s and 11 seed beads both Toho and an earring wire of your choice today. I’m using kidney wire and now I should say if you want your earring longer you can go longer if you want to omit that part completely you can leave it right out. So it’s very very fun. You can make it your own personal design and we’re gonna go ahead and get started today. I’m using 8 pound fireline I went ahead and pulled 1 and 1/2 yards of thread for this project. And I also should say keep a Size 13 beading needle on hand because we will be using 15’s and if it gets tight We can quickly switch down to that size 13 but I have a size 11 on on the needle right now I mean on the thread, excuse me And I went ahead and I picked up an alternating pattern of A size 15 and a super duo and I did that for a total of six times So I want six 15’s, six super duos So we’re gonna slide it down today. We’re not going to put any knots in. That’s how I kept the structure of the ring so secure so I’m just gonna wrap it around my finger like this so my tail is here working thread is here and I’m gonna bring it back around and I’m gonna run through all these beads and take your time. So that way you don’t skip any or miss any and If you can’t do it in one shot, that’s fine Just keep going through all the beads Okay, and then we’re gonna pull and It’s not gonna look like anything right now. It doesn’t look like a circle or anything yet because we just have to go through a few more So we’re gonna go through just a couple for the moment and pull Because we have to go through this one time anyway, so here’s our tail or you’re just gonna tuck it behind the work And we’re gonna go and run through this entire thing one full time So each and every bead we’re gonna go through I’m just gonna cut a little piece of my turn it off here. I always do that I always pull which much thread than I need every single time Okay, so just continue weaving around And then we’re gonna exit out of a super duo when you feel that this is not wobbly or floppy you want to make sure it’s nice and stable not overly tight, but just Secure enough Okay, and Then once we’ve done that and yes, see how my needles struggling now, I’m gonna step out right here So I’m coming out this super duo. I’m just going to turn and go into this empty hole right here and Then I’m going to take my piece and flip it over and I’m going to keep that tail behind the work just like this. I just like to work in one direction and I’m gonna put the work down so you can see this part Look how it fits in there. Perfect like a little puzzle and that’s what I was so excited focus I had that in my head and it actually worked so We’re gonna go ahead and pick up the right hole of a gingko bead. Plus three size 11’s My fingers are not working today, it’s only six o’clock in the morning here, so all right, so we’re gonna go right down this empty hole right here of this gingko bead and directly in to that super duo. I’m trying not to cover it up on you so I’m going to pick it up so I can pull really tight and you want it to fit in there just like this just perfect. It actually worked so beautifully and Again, the right hole three 11’s slide it down and we’re gonna go right through the empty hole and directly into that super duo and I’m gonna turn as I go Just pick up the work and pull it so it’s a little bit tighter and we’ll repeat that all the way around and then I’ll show you where we’ll bury the tail and just minute so that way it’s out of our way So just keep going with this pattern Yeah, and I have to say I like these the gingko beads and I also like the kite beads a lot They’re just a lot of fun You can really do so many things with them. That’s what I like they’re very very fun few of them out there I have to say I’m not a huge fan of but I definitely love these the kite beads the super duos but there’s just so many to choose from now it’s crazy Okay, here’s my last stitch. So we’re gonna pick this one up plus three drop it down and then we’re gonna go through the empty hole into this super duo now and then we’re gonna step up make sure you don’t have any twists or turns We’re gonna step up right through this gingko bead Step out these three 11’s and we’re gonna hold for a second. We’re gonna set this working thread aside So we’re stepping out that third eleven and put my needle down Flip my work over and put a needle on to that tail attach a needle to right to your tail and we’re going to get rid of that right now because we have actually Someplace to hide it rather than inside those little tiny fifteen So right now I’m coming out of the bottom hole of that super duo. I’m gonna carefully go into this upper hole Just so I don’t distort the pattern and then I’m gonna go right up through this ginko bead And I’m gonna step out This 2nd 11 right here And I’m going to pick up that thread space and I’m just gonna put One little knot in there weave through the next 11 and we’re done that’s it’s burn that right off Now it’s time to add our beautiful bicones. So we’re already stepping out of A size 11 right where we should be. So all we’re gonna do now is to pick up an 11 a Bicone and an 11 and we’re just going to go right through the next group of three Right over the top of the gingko bead So 11 bicone 11 right through that top Pull and we’ll repeat this all the way around I told you this was going to be nice low stress design this morning, so but very very pretty absolutely beautiful on At first when I was putting the colorway together, I was like, I’m not sure I’m not sure. I like it but When I’m doing a video I have to make sure the colors are very bright and bold so you’ll be able to see at home What’s going on Now I don’t want to pull too hard See how I’m keeping my tension relaxed so it doesn’t buckle cuz if I pull right now It’s gonna start caving in and I want these nice and flat. So relax your tension. I Know a lot of you are like me and have very high tension Here’s our last bicone So we’re gonna just run through and fill in this space and go right through the next set of beads Through the bicone and the next five and step out right before that bicone and we’re going to switch to our Size 15’s We’re just gonna add a little decoration over the top and pull back just a little bit Excuse me, so I’m gonna pick up five 15’s All we’re gonna do is jump over that Bicone and go through the next five and this is going to tighten up our work too because you can see it’s loose Just jumping that and going into there I’m gonna continue that all the way around so it’s five 15’s Jump over that bicone and go through all five Just like this See how it just brings everything together The center beads are pulled to the out side now and I love that and love the way it catches your eye like that Okay, so five skip that go right through here And we’ll continue that just a couple more steps and then I’m going to show you a little trick How I keep those little points nice and straight a Lot of you who know me know what I’m gonna say so It’s just about reinforcing that’s it because this thing is still loose really loose for me Okay, there we go Last set. So we’re gonna go through these five and then I want you to pull a little harder just a little bit See how it just made everything nice and solid now we’re gonna just go up three 15’s And what I do is I just pull right here really hard and then down these two and through these five 11’s and then up the next three and again pull That’s how you keep that nice point. Like I did with this one see how the points all stand out It’s all about reinforcing. That’s all it is so you’ll just continue to do that all the way around. So take your time. There’s no hurry And I should tell you one thing a lot of you ask You know why I don’t use an app and pause and you know say I’ll be back in five minutes go ahead and string this or go ahead and do that. I decided to make my videos all in one shot No editing Just because I wanted to work start to finish with you guys I did check out some of the apps and I wasn’t really a fan of them. They just didn’t really do much for me. So that’s why I just decided that I like it this way. I like it a lot better and also I am human so if I make a mistake, I’m gonna leave it in that way You’ll know if you make a mistake to how easy it is to fix everything So that’s another reason why I like doing this a particular way And I try to stay down on zoom’ as much as possible for you guys And I try to go slow but it is hard for me Okay, so we’re right here Right where we need to be stepping out make sure you put it on a flat surface now and smoosh it down And there you go now we’re ready to begin our beautiful Okay, so decide what you want we’re right here at the top and I’ll show you on this pretty orange one So I’m going to pick up we’re stepping out about third 15 right here Right at the top, so I’m going to pick up two 15’s One size 11 a 6mm bicone one size 11 and then I’m going to pick up eight 15’s oh my goodness Just flew right off the needle one two, three, four five six seven eight, okay So I’m going to skip all eight that I just put on and go right through the 11 bicone and that 11 pull down Now I need to even it out so I’m going to pick up two more See how my thread is coming out in this direction Away, I know I need to come back around and go through that 15 where we started this way to make a circle And we’re gonna pull and now we’re just gonna go up and reinforce everything that’s all we’re gonna do and then when I get to the top, this is just something I’ve always done so I can leave a little space for the finding I’m going to run up four 15’s and then pull and then I’m gonna run right back down 4 and it just straightens them out and leaves just that little space right there to add your finding nice and easy and Then we’re gonna run back down All these beads And now I want to find the direction in which we need to go. You’ll be able to tell because These 15’s see how they’re loose. That’s how you know, you haven’t gone through them and these are not loose So the side that aren’t wiggling around you’re going to go through there Those two 15’s and then right back into the 15 In this direction and what we’re going to do is we’ve to the bottom That 15 right there that is directly across so that way it’s nice and even with our work So if you start to struggle or you feel it’s too tight. This is where you want to switch down, but for now Definitely, okay Yep, my needles fine not struggling you just don’t want to pop a bead and that wouldn’t be good you’d have to start all over and That is never never any fun Especially when you’re making earrings and you know, you have to make another one exactly the same way That’s why I like to keep my earrings nice and simple. So they’re very very quick and easy, but it’s still really beautiful okay, so we’re already at the bottom and I’m stepping out that third 15 and now I’m going to pick up two 15’s one of my beautiful spacers a round a spacer and Then an eleven and one tiny little 15 two anchor everything on I’m gonna slide it down Skip that last 15 and I’m going to go through the 11 spacer round and the spacer just like that I’m gonna pull and then I’m going to pick up two and we’re gonna even it out the same way So we’re coming out of a 15 like this So I know I’m going to come back around and go through in this direction and again Pull and we have to reinforce this whole part very important So I’m going to flip it so I can see a little bit better and then just run all the way down the beads When you get to that very bottom you’ll go through that 15 and Then right back up all these beads and again step out that spacer And you’ll be able to tell which ones are wiggling around Right here So that’s how I know. That’s the direction. I’ll be going and I had you pull extra thread for that reason, so you can go around and reinforce again. That’s how I got my earrings nice and straight and sturdy it’s all just reinforcing. So finish going around Up these and down and then Continue reinforcing no knots at all because we’ve been through this piece So many times and now I’m here so I know it’s gonna be a little tight So go very slow and then we’ll just continue around And now I can feel it My needle starts to bog down and That’s all you’ll do, and I’m good. I’m gonna stop before I snap a bead. I’m gonna pop out of an eleven right here I’m gonna burn put it on a flat surface and smush it down for a second Very very pretty I love these colors together Like I said at first I was like I’m not too sure So make sure you have a nice you know open area here to add your finding I’m just gonna open up this kidney wire And I’m going to slip it on right through here And close it up and there you go that is so pretty I Definitely love that color way, too But this one I love the fire opal Swarovski So that was where my inspiration came from and you guys know I love that color seed bead that saffron I use constantly and then here’s a beautiful purple set so I’m gonna go off and make one more of those beautiful earrings And I will see you guys very soon. Thank you so much for watching. Thank you for subscribing And please keep on sending me photos of your beautiful work. i hope you all have a wonderful day, and I will see you real soon. Bye. Bye

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  1. Haha and there they are ! I just commented on your ring tutorial . πŸ˜‚. So glad I have some ginko beads !

  2. very pretty~~~ really liked the look of these …….. so glad you got right to the project~~~ so many videos when the designers talk talk talk , and 15 mins in they are getting started ….so im glad you dont do that….. will def be making a pair of these …..ty for sharing your talents with us

  3. I love this beautiful design and the color way. Just put in an order for more ginkgo beads and micro spacers. Thank you Alicia for the tutorial I really appreciate you. πŸ’–πŸ’«

  4. Ok those milky aquamarine superduos are straight up gorgeous they look like they have a cat eye effect on camera. Simply stunning as is everything you create my friend!! Hugs

  5. Alicia, I love these earrings and the beautiful colorway. Oh, my gosh, so many ways to make these. As I looked at the colorway you were working on, I can see a native style without the dangle. I am for sure gonna make these and the ring. Some with charms and maybe a little tassel. I hope you don't mind me using your colorway. Absolutely beautiful. Now I need to look at my gingko beads. Will have to order the color you used I'm sure. lol Thank you Alicia, for your kindness and your sharing of your awesome talent.

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