How do I prep and paint my cabinets?

If you want to give your kitchen a makeover
but don’t want to break the bank, a fresh coat of paint on your cabinets can go a long
way. So why don’t you grab a brush and a couple of gallons of paint and do it yourself?
We’ll tell you how. You’ll need a screwdriver to remove your
cabinet hardware, and you’ll want a container to put them in, so that you don’t lose any.
Take your cabinet doors and drawers and put them in the workspace where you’ll be painting.
Then remove everything from your countertops and your cabinets. You’ll want to cover
your countertops and appliances with drop cloths or plastic sheeting. And definitely
tape sheeting to any backsplash or windows nearby. You don’t want paint to drip while
you’re painting your cabinet frames. Once your room is prepped, it’s time to
get to work. You’ll need a bucket and sponge to wipe down all of the cabinet doors, drawers
and frames. After they’re dry, you’ll need some medium grit sandpaper to remove
old paint or varnish OR a liquid deglosser could be applied which eliminates sanding
and allows you to paint right over the old surface. Next apply a thin layer of primer to all your
cabinets using long brush strokes and going with the grain. You can use either an oil
or latex primer. After everything is primed, you’re ready
for the topcoat. For the topcoat, you can also choose either latex or oil-based paint,
although oil-based paints are more durable for cabinetry and hides brushstrokes better.
Plan on applying two to three coats for complete coverage. If you have questions about specific paints
for cabinets or about any of the tools you’ll need for prepping your job, visit your local
Westlake Hardware. We’re always here to help.

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  1. Two things. After degreasing (I use TSP), use Krud Kutter Gloss Off instead of sandpaper and safe yourself the dust and sore arm. Second, use a foam roller on the flat parts of doors and cabinets, not a brush. Saves you a ton of time and effort – and avoid brush marks.

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