How do you pronounce Vase? – Merriam-Webster – Ask the Editor

(upbeat music) – When someone brings you flowers and asks if you have
anything to put them in, you might say “Yes, there’s
a vās in the cabinet.” That’s how you’ll say it if you’re like most Americans, anyway. If you’re like most
Canadians or some Americans, you’ll say vāz. But if you’re British
or like some Canadians or even a few Americans, you’ll say väz. Vās, vāz, väz. They’re actually all fine, no matter where you come from. However you say it, the
important thing is this: when someone brings you flowers, be gracious and put them in water. (upbeat music)

17 Replies to “How do you pronounce Vase? – Merriam-Webster – Ask the Editor”

  1. Is this the beginning of more videos coming from Merriam-Webster? I really enjoyed all your videos, very entertaining and educational.

  2. I heard that the way it was pronounced was reflected on it's price. "Vace" – Under $1000, "Vaz" Over $1000. Has my whole life been a lie?

  3. I know that I have said this B4, but you dudes ought to make more videos! This is outside of your normal job requirements, but hearing from the true professionals is awesome for us, if you will allow me to use this painfully hackneyed word.

  4. I was under the impression the pronunciation depended on the pretentiousnes of the person saying it, with Väz being reserved only for the most pompous of individuals.

  5. Add more videos about English. It is the biggest platform to discover correct usage of English and new words. Introduce more videos. We are always with #merriamwebster.

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