How My Vintage Squash Blossom Necklace Found Me & Jeweler Care Tips

Hello. Today, is all about my beautiful vintage Squash
Blossom necklace, the story behind it and also how my jeweler taught me how to clean
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Facebook, Twitter; @TheDressUpMom, #TheDressUpMom, and you can check us out there too. I have been wanting a vintage Squash Blossom
necklace for a really, really long time. I just think they are beautiful. And I put it out in the Universe, this is
one of those things where you put something out in the Universe, you have no idea how
you’re going to get it or how it’s going to happen, you have faith that it will and
eventually it does. I’m telling you, this is exactly what happened
here. I had some real pre-requisites for the necklace
that I wanted, and I was also very patient. I mean I’ve been wanting one now for years
and it just happened recently, so let me tell you about it. The pre-requisites I had, first off, they’re
really expensive, I mean I couldn’t spend what they normally are or what they’re normally
worth, so I knew that I had to get a really good deal on it. Secondly, I didn’t want to be duped in any
way. I know that you can buy things on eBay and
other places if you’re very knowledgeable, but I’m not and I’ve heard about people
getting really ripped off. So, I wanted to buy it from somebody reputable
or somebody that really knew what they were talking about and somebody that I trusted. I also wanted a big one. I am a tall woman, I’m 5’10”, I have
broad shoulders and I wanted one like over the top and big. I also wanted it to be vintage obviously. And I also wanted it to be more in the green
tones than the blue tones on the turquoise. So, you can see that’s like a lot of things. It wasn’t something I knew I was going to
go out and buy, this thing was going to have to find me. And that’s exactly what happened. I have a fantastic jeweler, his name is Rick,
he’s in Encinitas. I’ll put a little plug here, information
down in the description on where he is, but he’s fantastic. He has helped me out over the years with a
lot of things. I also go in and check my rings every six
months with him to make sure they’re all in good shape and he’s just fantastic, I
completely trust him. So, I told him everything that I was looking
for in this Squash Blossom necklace, he told me he’d keep his eye out for it. A couple of things happened–you know there
were a couple of ones that came in between time, but then he told me he thought he found
the perfect one for me and it absolutely is. I mean look at this thing, I mean come on. It has the really big–I can’t remember
what it’s called, but this like horseshoe-y shape, or the crescent thing on the bottom
here, I’ve been doing a little bit of research on it. It is heavy too. It’s old, it has this patina, it weighs
about a pound, I don’t care. I just think it’s beautiful. It’s totally my style and believe it or
not, it goes with about half the things in my closet, so I know I may a right decision
on it. So, Rick has another customer and her 80-something
year old mother passed away and this was her necklace and it wasn’t his customer’s
style–the daughter’s style, so she really wanted it to go to a good home and wanted
to sell it and I got it for like the best price. And I’m so grateful, again, just shows put
things out in the universe and believe it’s going to happen, have faith, be patient, eventually
it does. I wanted to jus show you also some footage,
because again with the silver, it needs to be taken care of. Rick did polish it a little bit for me, but
I want to show you some footage when I picked it up of what Rick told me about the necklace
and also ways to take care of it and how to store it. [Music] Rajka: Look at it. Oh my gosh, it looks so pretty all done up. Rick: Isn’t that pretty? Rajka: That’s so pretty. What do you know about this necklace Rick? The owner, do you know where she got it? Rick: I think it was from her mother. Her mother just recently passed away and it
just wasn’t her style of jewelry. Rajka: Mm-hmm. Rick: And she brought it in to me quite a
while ago asking if I would sell it for her and I said, “Well, I just don’t do silver.” Rajka: Yeah. Rick: So, I said, “If anything pops up,
I’ll call you.” Rajka: And I popped up. Rick: And then you popped up. Her mom was probably in her late 80s, you
know. Rajka: Well, it’s just beautiful and I love
the turquoise color on it, so I’m guessing it’s probably from like the 50s, 60s maybe? Probably if we had to guess. But who cares, it’s definitely old. Rick: They’ve made them the same way for
so many years. Rajka: Mm-hmm. Rick: It’s hard to tell that way because
the Indians they still even today, they’re made exactly the same way. Especially with the way the color has aged
and has a nice patina to it. Rajka: Yeah, so it has to be old and definitely
authentic for sure. All right, well I’ve been looking for one
for ages. Rick: Because it has a really nice strong
chain here, you know that’s holding it together– Rajka: Because it’s heavy. Rick: Yeah, this thing is really heavy. So, you can sit and be watching a movie and
just sit there and just grab one bead at a time and just go through it. Rajka: Okay. Rick: And it will keep it, see how nice it’s
doing that. Rajka: Yeah. Rick: To where that is right there, I’ve
only have been doing this for a couple of seconds. So, you can just use the yellow part, this
is going to get dark and ugly, it doesn’t mean it’s not working. Rajka: Okay. Rick: Don’t wash it, just leave it alone,
let it get dirty, it will still work. Rajka: Okay. Rick: Then you can just–see that. Rajka: But I don’t get it on the turquoise,
or do I have to worry about–? Rick: The rest doesn’t matter. Rajka: Okay, it’s just you can’t do polish
on the turquoise. Rick: You don’t want to soak it in Tarnex
with the turquoise. Rajka: With the turquoise. Okay. Rick: Yeah, if you need to do Tarnex, you’ve
got to bring it into me to do it so I can rinse it out of the beads because these hold
water when you get it wet and then it will tarnish really bad. Also, I’m going to give you this plus anti-tarnish
paper. So, this is anti-tarnish paper, white tissue. Rajka: Okay. Rick: These are little more concentrated as
well. Rajka: Okay. Rick: So, if you put this in a bag and put
these in with it– Rajka: Okay. Rick: You don’t have to wrap it or anything,
just stick them in there with it, it will help it from getting anymore tarnished. Rajka: Perfect. Rick: Then I would leave the bag open so it
can breathe. Rajka: A little bit. Okay. Rick: Yeah, don’t seal it because there
might be some moisture in there and it can cause some problems. Rajka: Perfect. Rick: Tarnishing and stuff. Rajka: Okay. Rick: Just, like I said, you can go over those,
you can even rub the, rub the turquoise. It will shine it. Rajka: Great. Rick: A little be. Rajka: Okay. I love it. Love it, love it. Thank you for the little tutorial, appreciate
that. [Music] Again, I hope that was helpful to any of you
who have these beautiful babies. Oh, I just cherish it. You’ll be seeing me wear it a lot on the
channel in my What I Wore and all those kinds of things. I hope to have it for life and hopefully pass
it down to somebody in my family who likes it and whose style it is. Thank you, Universe, I’m very grateful. If you have a Squash Blossom necklace and
love it, please let me know. If this helps you on cleaning it, let me know
that too and any of your other cool jewelry stories and any great jewelers that you know. I think that they can be just fantastic people
to have in your life. Thank you for tuning in, I really appreciate
it. Until next time, have fun and dress it up
a little. [Music]

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  1. As a little girl, my mom loved to host Sarah Coventry parties. So I'm very drawn to it at antique fairs. Amazing how sturdy it still is.

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