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  1. Be happy and peaceful. If u want to be successful in this world and the life after death, read Quran once in your lifetime.

  2. These blacks can't produce good women on their own. They take our women and produces black kids. Its like a curse. The sooner something is done the better.

  3. They eye contact and chemistry between them was palpable and refreshing to see nowadays. Soul Pancake, we need an update! We gotta know what happened! They married now, right?🥺

  4. Anglo's tend to not age particulary well… Decent now but , long run not so good.. Thats why theres 4billion and counting.. Expiration date arrives, pick up another…ding ding ding

  5. Why do these women all look the same..matted reddish brown hair off to the side..muddy white pale skin

  6. Who doesn't like a person because they're nervous on a date? I mean it's not a personality fault, it's only temporary and situational. Siaka, kind of, ruined it at the end. Why tho?

  7. I agree that we're too old/young to do some things(I'm actually older than her)but I don't believe in age boundaries with certain things. Like if you're over 30 & still want to have one night stands then(provided you're doing it safely of course)go for it!!Why avoid it due to someone else's age-based statements??🤨Lol,ppl will disagree with me & that's fine but yeah🙂

  8. So what's the criteria to match dates up on this show… Most of the time it just seems they match up like minded people 🙈😂

  9. They shared a lot. What she said about kids flying the coop…that was profound! (You know you were a good parent if they come back. If they stay away, must be some reason for it.)

  10. Your name is Mr. Moseby, and this is your story. Your constantly yelling at two twin boys to get out of your lobby…

  11. This guy is a charmer, and I'm sensing that he's not completely genuine. If you listen to the tone of his voice and the expressions he makes, it's clear he's been coached up and/or has done a lot of practitioning when it comes to seducing women. Telling her that he at first thought no and then said she was nervous and didn't seem confident is very much a power move: it gets her attached and subconsciously forces her to try to always seek his approval. The guy seems very nice and confident, and I'm sure he is those things, but he is a charmer and he knows how to play the game. It takes an experienced, wise woman to see what I see.

    She seems serious and heartfelt. Below she is very, very sensitive and probably has a delicate, self aware inner life. Of course she is on guard because of the disappointment of her father's abandonment. And as others have said, she hasn't found someone who can meet her emotional needs. I would bet she has had her heart broken a lot…so much so that she probably thinks it's something she's doing wrong. Hopefully she is healed. She won't have a problem finding what she wants, as she seems vulnerable, but focused.

  12. She's very beautiful. I dunno her but I looove her. She reminds me of "Ms Congeniality". They're both looking for a serious relationship and I'm super excited they're going out on a date! He's fiiiine! 😍 Wish em the best. 🤗

  13. Isn’t he the guy from the show called S.W.A.T like he’s the guy who was crying when he was wearing the bomb vest??

  14. I felt that beautiful lady’s comment about being 30 and too old for one night stands.

    Just don’t want to die alone.

  15. The guy seem well rounded. The lady was okay but looking in her eyes she seems to have gone through alot in her life. If they are an item he would probably have to deal with her past at some point.

  16. There are so many black households that need a man in them. This is why I hate seeing BM with other races. Take care of your own. With BW since we OUTNUMBER BM we have no choice but to date other races, BM are just straight up disrespectful and self hating.

  17. Before any BW spend one red dime on any BM's businesses, music, movies, videos, concerts, etc….ladies please, please, please do your research to see who they are dating and who they are married to. If you see that they don't date BW, especially Brown skin, dark skin and black, DO NOT spend your hard earned money on these JASPERS and TRAITORS.  I work very hard for my money and I'm not going to keep spending my money on these professional fools so that they can go take care of, build up, uplift and glorify any other race but their own. Money is POWER! We need to stop EMPOWERING them to continue treating us like we have no VALUE. They treat WW and anyone light skin like diamonds and gold, but treat brown, dark and black complexioned ladies like they are WORTHLESS.  I say it STOPS here. Why should we KEEP Empowering them to just DEFECATE on us? When they marry or get into relationships with WW they INVEST in her, COMMIT to her and HER Community and her FAMILY and her LEGACY. On average, women tend to live longer than men, so when these BM die and they’re with WW or any other race but their own, their wealth and assets will go to their wives or women. Meaning it’s going to go to HER community and HER People. WW are NOT going to shop BLACK, they are not going to buy black with the money or assets the BM left her. Think about his Life Insurance Policy or any of their Business Assets, do you think the WW is going to recycle that money to the Black Community? Think about this, if you are in a WAR and one of your Soldiers took all of his Money or Power over to the OTHER side and gave it to the Competing Army to STRENGTHEN THEIR Military position – – what would you call that Soldier who chooses to EMPOWER the other side instead of his own side? He gives his money to the Enemy so that the Enemy can strengthen THEIR position against you.  Giving the enemy MORE Power to use AGAINST you. You know what you would call him…..A TRAITOR. – – TREASON. BM who date or marry WW are investing in WHITE SUPREMACY….Helping THEM to BUILD their EMPIRE. How FOOLISH and CRAZY is that? Please my Ebony Queens all we have is each other. Most BM DON’T give a damn about us. We can bring these LOSERS down to their knees. They have boycotted us, I say we BOYCOTT them. Boycott their barbershops, salons, ANYTHING where they can make money. I'm not just talking about the entertainment field…..I mean EVERYTHING. Let the WW spend THEIR money on these BASTARDS who HATE their own Race and Nation of women. Let's take back our POWER! Check out Sheila Truelove Channel. She explains why it’s so hard to find GOOD BLACK MEN. If you see BW with other races, it’s because they have no choice. BW OUTNUMBER BM significantly. If BW want to get married and have a family she HAS to marry or date outside her race. BM have NO EXCUSE for DISRESPECTING BW the way that they do. I look forward to the day it backfires on their sorry asses.

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