How QuickBooks Payroll Helped Relics Antique Marketplace Navigate Payroll Taxes

My name is Tony. Uh, my wife
and I, Heather own relics, antique marketplace in Tupelo,
Mississippi. That vision that Heather and I had from
the beginning to create this company is now not only helping vendors and families,
but it’s creating jobs in this town, in the city that we love. I was born here now that it was
just more than me and Heather. I knew I was going to need help,
so I’ll called QuickBooks. They walked me through the payroll,
added me to it. And the thing that was remarkable about
it is I was really worried about taxes. They have demo videos that tell you how
to do everything and there’s no math. You have to do, you just
say, Hey, my employee, worked this many hours and they tell
you what to do and it prints out a check stub and you can direct deposit,
you can cut a paper check. It’s incredibly easy to do
payroll with QuickBooks, to have several things covered by one
company that’s got name recognition and a brand that you can trust. And that’s five things that I don’t
have to worry about it because I know QuickBooks has got my back.

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