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Pillows can really add a lot of color to the
room, and bring some comfort. You know, one of my favorite design principles is color.
Color is wonderful, and it can change the mood of a room. If you look at a room, we’ve
all been in one, where they have lots of different colors going on, it can just make your head
spin. But if you go into a room where it’s more monochromatic — let’s just say, for
instance, it’s all white and cream, you feel very different. You feel very tranquil. Let’s
just say you don’t want a totally monochromatic room, where is the balance? Take this room,
for instance, let me just use it as an example: In this room, I tried to use a very limited
color palate. You don’t have to use every crayon in the color box, you know. So limit
it to just a few colors. I just wanna show you how you can keep it a little more monochromatic,
or you can add a bump of color to sort of give it a little spark. Sometimes, these are
beautiful seasonal changes. And one of the easiest way to do this is to just use a throw
across the back of a sofa, or add some pillows. So let’s take a broader view of this room,
and let me show where I’ve applied those colors that I listed. For instance, you have gray
walls. The floor is brown brick. On the floor is this braided rug. There’s where the blue
comes in — but it’s not just blue, there is some brown and gold. And then with this
large stool in the center, there’s the blue again. Then I have these Helms Tooth chairs
on either side that are cream and brown. Which brings us to these large sofas, which are
cream. And now, I’m gonna add some brown. You see, by just taking these big bold blocks
of color like this, it gives some life to this. Still monochromatic. Still harmonious.
Still working within the color range that I have here. So why don’t we take a look at
some ways that you can bump the room up a little bit. Okay, so let’s pan the chocolate
colored pillows — they’re pretty, but, to me, they’re a little boring. We can bump it
up with some woven fabric like this, where you bring in a little bit of the red and the
gold. But here’s the gold — you see the gold in the braided rug. I’m kinda liken’ this.
You look up here at the art, and you can see, largely, this piece of art follows all the
colors we talked about: There’s the cream, the brown, the touches of blue, and look at
this red and gold. So we’re taking a lead from this picture, and we’re creating a color
echo where these colors resonate with the pillows. Also, if you look at the brick of
a chimney: Distinctly red. And we’re carrying that color here over to the sofa. So maybe
just a little too traditional? You wanna bump it up a little more? Let me show you what
I have in store. Now take a look at these: I love these natural prints, where they’ve
taken and used really intense colors on them. A butterfly here and a bird here. I like it,
I like it. You’ve got the blue. You’ve got the brown. You’ve got the cream. And again,
those touches of red. This time, they’re not the brick reds that we found in the geometric
pattern pillows, but here these are much brighter. That brighter intensity really capture your
eye when you come into the room. Now, these are just a few basic ideas about color theory
and how they can make a room look, and how that room makes you feel. If you’re enjoying
these updates on style, check in with me regularly. And subscribe to eHow Home.

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