how to age and distress wood / make it rustic

how to age and distress wood make it rustic channel intro music we have two benches here at least the tops that we’re building for a farmhouse table to accompany it and we’re going to go ahead and distress,
these two tops and I’ll show you the steps I take, to do
this so the tools we’re going to use to distress
these tables are the following a hammer to give it dents a sheetrock hand saw to scratch it up to dig in an awl to give wormhole punctures as if the wood was eaten, for years, by different
types of bugs a chain, which we’ll use to strike the wood and give it more dents, in random patterns this steel brush to give it micro scratches and or deep scratches a grinder to shape the wood and we’re going to torch it some eye protection and hearing protection so, let’s get started with this so we’ve distressed the two bench tops and I’ll just show you a little bit of the damage and so what we’re going to do now is grind
them add dips and valleys that’s the next step so the next thing we want to do is go ahead
and torch all this wood and again, like everything else you can go heavy to lite and that’ll darken up, so of the crevices and fibers in the wood and give it contrast but we won’t see the magic of it till we add the stain and clear coat so let’s go ahead and torch these two bench
tops and so this is how it looks torched there’s much more dimension to it we’re going to give it a little sanding to take off the edges but once we sand it and add the stain and the seal it’s going to have beautiful depth and dimention so that’s next and here’s the color we’re getting you can see that anywhere there’s gouges and scratches it darkens up, nice and of course, the torch allows for more visible grain so, we’ll keep going and show you the results even at this stage you can see the nooks and gouges scratches wormholes and what the clear coat will do depending on how much sheen, you add will highlight the distressed features and that’s totally up to you anything from a matte all the way to a high
gloss so we’re giving it a light coat just to fill in the gaps crevices, nooks and then we’ll give it a secondary coat to build up, you know and then it’ll get a nice even sheen but you can see already, a nice gloss to it it’s just, pretty fantastic and this is the before and the after so you have an idea and that’s with the helmsamn alright guys I hope you found the primer on distressing wood of value if you enjoyed the video consider subscribing
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  1. Thanks for sharing your techniques.  That Gel stain really sets it off, I'll have give it a try next time I stain something.

  2. I'm unsure as to what 'distressing' does to enhance the appeal of wooden furniture. It just looks abused and derelict. It's nearly impossible to make a wood look truly aged. Has anyone seen how to recreate the effects of age? Not just damage and staining.

  3. I bought excellent handbook from woodprix website. Just google woodprix and start your journey to the better life

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