58 Replies to “How to Age Brass”

  1. If you have a commercial brass/metal darkening solution, there is absolutely no point in acquiring all the other materials on this huge list. The commercial solution works better and with more predictability than any of the home brew methods.

  2. You'll also NEED: 

    A warehouse
    A kilo of Cocaine
    A Unicorn
    A Flux Capacitor
    A Freaking Clue and some patience.

  3. Ammonia is giving much black effect, so while covering in plastic bag need to be taken care for particular timing for control the effect.

  4. Oops.  I just viewed the video again and see "over the counter aging product"  is on the list of things to need.  Still, what is an "aging product?"

  5. When they started the “you will need” section i thought they were going to list all the health side effects as well.

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