How to Become an Antiques Dealer

How to Become an Antiques Dealer. If you’re passionate about history and love
hunting for treasures at flea markets and garage sales, becoming an antiques dealer
may be the perfect fit for you. You will need Experience Knowledge Client
lists Business plan and inventory. Step 1. Work for others in the industry to gain knowledge
and hands-on experience. Visit antique dealers or intern at an auction
house to learn about the business. Step 2. Decide which type of dealer you would like
to be. You can focus on one or many areas, such as
jewelry, furniture, or art. Step 3. Educate yourself about the types of antiques
you would like to sell. Step 4. Draw up a business plan to get your business
started and growing. Step 5. Build a client base by networking in the field. Knowing who your client is will help ensure
your prosperity as an antique dealer. Step 6. Shop for deals in order to build inventory
that you can sell for a profit. Learn restoration techniques so that you can
add value to your finds. Step 7. Open a storefront or a website to buy and
sell your antiques. Did you know In 2009, the former finance director
of the London Philharmonic was accused of embezzling $928,000 and using the money for
home renovations, vacations, and antiques.

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