How to Build a Coffee Table out of Pallet Wood: Project 5 Paint/Distress/Antique Furniture

Aloha guys, thanks for checking out this weeks project on BeachBumLivin where on this week I’m going to show you how I turn this pile of pallets into this cool looking pallet wood coffee table. So, come check it out with me. All right, so I’m out looking for pallets right now and they’re actually really easy to find. I never really paid attention to them before but now that I’m looking for pallets I notice they’re everywhere. A lot of times I’ll just go behind businesses where their dumpsters are and that’s where they’ll usually have a stack of them that they are wanting to get rid of. They usually don’t need them or they have a couple broken boards on them so they are not able to use them. So the are actually really easy to find and I’m looking for some of the older looking ones. I don’t want the ones that are brand new looking because to me they won’t look as good when I’m building the furniture. So that’s what I’m doing and hopefully I can find some really good ones here. All right, here’s a spot I’ve found some pallets before and here’s what I’m talking about back here in the back of these buildings they’ll have where they will throw some of their busted ones and this is exactly what I’m looking for, some of this older wood. This will look really good once it’s cleaned up. So I’m going to go ahead and collect these, take them home, and start breaking them down. All right, I’ve got the pallets back and the first thing I’m wanting to do is go ahead and break these down into individual boards. I’ve pretty much found there is two ways to go about this. You can either use this a sawzall, if you have one. What I’ll do is go behind the boards sawing the nails in half which will release these top boards that I’m going to use to build the furniture. From these two by four braces that are in the middle. If you don’t have one of those no big deal. You can use a hammer and anything you have like a pry bar or chisel to get under these boards to be able to pry them away from those two by fours. That’s two option and I’ll show you both and you can see which one you like better. So that’s what I’m doing next is going to break these down. This is the biggest pain to using pallets to build furniture is the breaking part. All right, I got all the boards disassembled and here’s the main difference between cutting them off or prying them off. See how when I cut them off the boards the nails are cut flush. To be able to get these out, because I want to get all the nails out because I plan on planing these boards to give them a nice look. I’m going to use one of these pin things(nail punch) and from the backside just go ahead and hammer them to get them to pry up a little bit. It pushes it through to where you can get the hammer under it. They are already cut real small so they are very easy to pry out. As you can see. The other boards that were pried up you can see the nails sticking through all the way intact. It’s really easy to just go ahead and hammer these out. You can then pull them out really easy. So that’s the two different ways. They both accomplish the same thing but
it’s just a matter of, it seems like cutting them off they come off
a lot quicker but as far as getting the nails out it might
be a little more time consuming using one of these(nail punch). All right, so I’ve got all the boards cleaned up, all
the nails or staples and anything like that. Completely clean of any metal. The next thing I’m going to do is skim off a thin layer off the top of the boards just to bring out
the wood grain. They gotten kind of dingy looking but you can use them just like this and it still look pretty cool. I just want to freshen the boards up a bit so I’m going to use this power planer and lightly go over it. All right, I’m done planing all the wood and I think they all turned out really good. They have a really nice look to them. The next thing I want to do is *mess up* The next thing I’m doing is I’m actually, here’s the standard piece of wood that comes off a pallet, for me and the project I’m doing for the coffee table with the chevron on the top I think these are a little to thick as far as the width goes. I want to get a little more wood on the top of my coffee tables so what I’m actually going to do is rip these and trim them down so they’re a little thinner so that i can fit more the pieces of
wood onto the coffee table and you’ll see in a little while what I’m talking about. All right, I just finished cutting all the pallet boards down to the width I was wanting. I cut them down to two and a half inches. I cut down the piece of plywood to the dimensions of the coffee table top I’m building which is two foot by four foot. This is just regular plywood. It’s going to serve as the base to the pallet boards I put on just to give it a sturdy support system. So I have this cut down and I went ahead a drew a center line right down the middle to kind of give me a reference point. What I’m doing next is cutting the pallet board ends with a forty five-degree angle and what its going to do is with this line I’ve drawn as a reference point, I’m just going to have these on there like that right down the center and you can see how it’s going to form this chevron look. I’m going to continue all the way down with his pattern. So I’ve got the boards cut and now I’m going to start attaching it to the plywood. All right, so I’ve finished up the top and as you can see it’s starting to turn out really cool. I think it looks really rustic and neat looking. With the chevron pattern I think it looks really neat. All I did was once I finished attaching the pallet boards to the piece of plywood I went around and cut off all the excess with the
circular saw. It left it with a rough edge so I wanted to frame the top of the coffee table. I used a one by two and then attached it. As you can see it gives it a cleaner edge. I think it really cleans it up a little bit. That was the last thing I did. The top is done and now I just need to build the base. All right, I’ve finished assembling the base
and it went together really easy. So all I really have left to do is attach the base to the top. I’m going to use the Kreg Jig and drill some pocket holes along the base and then just attach it to the top. It
should be really simple and that should be the last thing as far
as the assembling this coffee table. All right, I’m done with the pallet wood coffee table and as you can see I think it turned out really cool. It was pretty easy project, the hardest part was probably breaking down the
pallets and cleaning the wood up. That was by far the most time consuming part because once I had all the wood clean and cut and everything, it was really easy to put together actually.
All I did was I looked on the internet to get a common dimension for a coffee table because I really wasn’t sure. I’ve never built one of these before and I didn’t have any kind of plans to go by or anything like that. So I looked it up and it seemed like a two foot by four foot by about sixteen inches tall was a pretty common dimension. So that’s what I went with and that’s what I cut down my plywood down into was a two by four foot. Once I had that down it was really easy to go ahead and start putting the pieces of pallet wood on top and everything. Once I framed it out the bottom was actually pretty easy and you can see all i did was use the leftover two by fours that are the center parts of the pallet that the pallet wood that I use for the top is attached to. I just left it natural you know
i didn’t change anything to it. I cut it down a little on the ends just to fit the dimensions i was using for the base but other than that I left it natural I had some four by four post still left over from when I had collected all that driftwood from the beach. That worked out nicely but overall it was really easy. I mean its really something you guys at home could do. I’m actually done building it but i’m not quite done yet. I think I want to add some color but it’s not going to be in this video. You’ll have to check out my next video because what I plan on doing is leaving the top natural because it looks awesome just the way it is so I don’t want to mess with that but the bottom I want to add some color. So what I plan on doing is adding a little bit of stain to darken the wood up and then put a cool color on top. You’ll have to check out my next video to find out how I do that. I appreciate you guys checking out BeachBumLivin. I appreciate you guys subscribing. If you like the video remember
like it. I guess I see you guys on the next video where I put a little color into this pallet wood coffee table.
See you guys next time!

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  1. Your videos made me want to start doing some pallet work. I actually went out and bought some more tools to start. Thanks for the inspiration to start a fun hobby.

  2. When the pallets are wet from a good rain they are easier to take apart. Nail Punch! The nail heads add to the look of the pallet wood but you are right about the danger when planing the boards.

  3. just out of curiosity, did you use 1 inch plywood? I was thinking of doing so but was worried about weight. Thought it would give a better anchored for the many screws and air nails.

  4. Really love this table and the cooler box! Nice work. I have a side question for ya, what kind of glasses are you wearing while on the pallet hunt? They look soon sick.

  5. I love the videos, man. I built a headboard for my girlfriend with the help you've provided, so thanks. those "nail things" you used are called punches though, just an FYI.

  6. I can vouch for the other guys who we’re talking about Hyezmar’s plans, you can google him to se his plans online at no cost for now…

  7. lol that "pin thing" is called a nail set.  It's main purpose is to drive finish nails below the surface of the wood so you can cover it with wood filler so you don't see the nails in your project.

  8. Hey Beachbum Bro where is the video of the painting or staining of this coffee table of which you spoke?

  9. the little pin thing is called a nail set. you use a nail set to set the head of a nail just under the surface of the wood.

  10. miter your 1×2 & 2×4 corners on one I think it would look pretty good that way. It will match the chevron center pattern since those are basically 45 degree miter cuts

  11. To make things easier when lining up the slats to make the chevron, you can take a straight board and screw it up and down on the board you are using and then use it as the guide for one entire side. Unscrew the board you used and connect the second side easily lines up!

    Great Project!!

  12. 10:39 fuckin eh! nice work. 1 thing i noticed..(here we go, i know lol) you did all those 45s for the chevron pattern, then don't miter the edge detail that covers the ends of the pattern. easy fix tho. cheers from canada

  13. Dude, awesome video! I collected a crap ton of pallets a couple weeks back hoping I could use them for some rustic style furniture. Problem is I've had a bit of writer's block in terms of how to go about designing a small square table for a bedroom. This pattern looks nice!

  14. Awesome table man. I really enjoy your videos. Just wondering- what was your dimensions on the base of the table?

  15. Hi umm can you tell me all the measurement Because I would tof do that for my year 12 major assessment task for hsc

  16. Any plans to make a "pub" style table for a breakfast nook? Enjoyed your pallet coffee table! Can't wait to get all my tools to start my projects- before my son moves out!

  17. Love it. I have a pile of pallet boards that I've planed and am waiting to building a coffee table too but haven't found plans for a good size till just now. Thanks!

  18. How do you know that the wood is not pressure-treated wood? Somebody could possibly buy a coffee table and put food on it.

  19. Wish I could put one of those in my second living area. Businesses around here seem to hoard pallets. I tried to find some a few months back but most places here lock them up behind fences. lol! Maybe when I get some nice power tools I'll throw up an add to request some to pick up. Great video.

  20. Hello, very good your work, I learned a lot with you, even though my English translationof is good, I've seen his work with pallets and interests me especially finishes, oils and varnishes used, if I could post something about that you agradeceria, thank you very much ..

  21. i agree no one knows what was put on these pallets i would power wash them with some kinda of soap to take out any chemicals that r in them and then leave them sit out side about a month before u use them

  22. Loved the video but I would recommend adding a bit more wood glue. Even though a nail gun will secure it down that would glue is gonna help it dramatically in the long run.

  23. ive never seen your channel….but i just built a 2 sliding barn doors for a remodel house im working on. great minds think alike!!

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  25. Hey thanks beachbumlivin I built that exact table years ago from your design and you sent me on a path now have built countless wood projects from pallets and all of my children have benefited from it thanks so much you been a great inspiration to me

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