How to Build a Murphy Bed. Free up floor space in your home!

Guess what? For the next 12 months you’ll continue to hear your favorite deep, disembodied voice saying Microjig Maker of the GRR-RIPPER Work safer.Work Smarter. This video is also sponsored by Casper Mattresses. If you want to make a Murphy Bed you’re probably going to want a kit that contains all the hardware you need. I bought mine from They have several different kinds. this is the DIY kit. The kit comes with a set of instructions showing you haw to build the cabinet, but as you can see, it’s a lot of words and not a lot of drawings which made it a
little tricky. So I took the liberty to draw up my own set
of plans based on these plans. You can download these down below. I can get much more accurate cuts on my tablesaw, but I can’t run huge sheets of plywood through
it, so I need to break it down to rough sizes
first. I’ll start by building the cabinet. The first thing I’m going to do is put this iron-on edge banding on any of the
exposed plywood edges. it’s made out of real wood and when you iron
it on, it’s never coming off. This time I picked up this trimmer. It’s got a razor blade in there and it should trim this flush. After a little sanding, that makes it look
like a solid board. I’m screwing on these L-brackets that attach to the header and the stretchers to hold the cabinet together. They all come in the hardware kit. To make sure these are right on the end, I’m butting these up against a scrap board. I’m spending a lot of time to measure out carefully where I’m going to drill all the holes in the side panels for the lift mechanism. I was thinking I could just mark one of these side panels and then just put it on the other
one and drill all the holes at the same time, but now that I think about it, I think a better plan is to actually mark the other board too because if they are stacked together and I try to drill through both boards, there is a strong likelihood that I’m not going to be completely straight and that would cause the other holes to be way
off. So I” just take careful measurements on this
side. I’m using a brad point bit to drill out these
holes to keep it from wandering. I’ll counter sink all these holes on the outsides of the panels. I want to clamp this top piece to the sides so that I can drill crews in there. I don’t have any clamps that are long enough, but I can hook two of these pipe clamps together. Now I can drill holes for the special screws that are going to hold this together. With those holes drilled and the brackets installed on the other pieces, I can take this all apart and I’ll assemble
it up in the bedroom. This part’s going to be a little tricky. I need to join these two pieces of plywood
together. I’m going to put biscuits all along the edge of each one first. Okay, that should hold those two pieces together. And as before, I’m taking really careful measurements and marking where the lift mechanism goes on each of the rails. And I’ll drill some really tiny pilot holes
through these using my drill press. I’m temporarily laying out these bed rails so that i can drill holes for those special
screws into the ends. I’m marking all of these corners so that when I go to assemble this all of the holes that I’ve drilled here will line up. With the head and side rails still clamped
down, I can test the fit on these cleats. Before gluing and screwing the cleats on the
rails I need to drill holes on two sides. I’ll glue and screw all of these cleats flush with the bottoms of the rails. With those all dry, I can screw together all four of these rail assemblies. These are the special screws that came with the hardware kit. I’ll put those into the holes I’ve already
drilled. With that assembled, I’ll carefully move it out of the way and put some glue down and screw it down using those cleats. This is a very cramped room, but I think it’s going to be a lot easier
to assemble this in here rather that trying to bring it into
the room. I’m using these L shaped brackets to secure the unit into the studs of the wall. This is the mechanism that’s going to raise and lower the bed. It gets mounted inside. {Advertisement} The lift mechanism works really well. Here’s how it works. Lift this up, the legs fold up, holding the mattress in, and then it just gently folds up. I’m really happy with the way that Murphy
Bed turned out. It’s going to save us a lot of space in that
extra room, which we don’t use that room as a guest room that often, so what we’ve been doing is slowly transforming it into my wife’s crafts
room. You may remember the video last year where I transformed the closet into a crafts organization center. And keep watching Woodworking for Mere Mortals I’ll be having more space saving projects
for that room coming up later this year. Thank you so much for watching this week’s
episode of Woodworking for Mere Mortals. I really do appreciate your support. Visit the Woodworking for Mere Mortals web
site at where you can post pictures of your own projects and you can download free plans and lots of other stuff. Hey! It’s Princess Meow-Meow!

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  4. So great!!!! I hope to someday build a place that has organization,
    hidden storage, secret rooms and cubbies plus Murphy beds and as many of
    the great ideas sites like yours can share!

  5. Hello, my name is Chou. I want one of these for my home in China Town but it's hard to free up the floor space. I tried to borrow my friends Jeep for the materials needed, but because of some miscommunication, she now thinks i'm a creep and tries to invade my home using her ninjitsu training she learned from nextflix. I'm not sure if I can ever get this job completed now. Please, any advice would be helpful.

  6. I think it's cool that this bed is in a craft room! I'm in the process of converting my bedroom into my work studio and was toying around with the idea of doing a Murphy bed. I was obsessed with them as a child. hehe I think it would be cool to paint the underside of the bed with a layer of magnetic paint so you could have a large magnetic pin board when the beds not in use!

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  10. This was a good advertisement for the matters but nothing to take home for one who wants to build a murphy bed.

  11. I was wondering if it was possible to make a queen sized Murphy bed that sets over an air vent, with an air vent that will allow the air to come above the bed when it is down, and one below the bed when it is up?

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  14. This is a cool and seemingly simple project. Bad news is that now in 2018, the price is over $500 for a twin a and $600 for the queen. Oh well.

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  23. Just an FYI – the DIY hardware kit is no longer sold by the website you linked – just a 569$ Deluxe and an even more expensive Ultimate package on there now.

  24. Hi Steve I build a Murphy bed and I was wondering if you can show me from where can I found a desktop office mechanism for Murphy bed!?

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    I still thumbs up'd the video ftr as you're always producing good and educational content. Thank Steve

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