How TO Build Flower Petals in Rhino 6: Rhino Jewelry CAD Design Tutorial #73 (2019)

Hello everyone, welcome back to PJ Chen
Design Channel. What we like to do today is talking about specific on this petal,
and how we’re gonna making into this surface. Are you ready? let’s get started! if you’d like to know how to build a
stone, and or how to set this stone. I’m going to give you a list on the
description of my previous video talking about stone setting. I also have a course
talking about stone setting specifically. on the right top corner click on that
you will get a link for that. Today we’re going to talk about the surface editing
specific for this petal, so we’re kind of starting like this, we are going to lock
these the setting right here. It is just for reference, and you can design
any shape that you like for the petal, so I happen to already have my shape jaw
like this. Sometimes you were thinking about how we going to create this
surface. The option one, we could go to the Surface from Planar Curve, however,
when you do surface from planar curve and you want to turn on your control
point there’s not much for you to do. It only have 4 points right there. So we
cannot get the ripple effect in the middle. You were thinking about maybe you
can rebuild the surface, and then once we rebuild the surface, we can do for
example 20 and 10 here, and then we’ll have this. We have a lot more control
point now. the problem is all the line is aligned into that grid type of a
surface. So it’s not in the radiation, if this is happen right in the middle, I
can pick up those control point and then I can kind of move it up a little bit, so
we’ll get that one bump there, but if it is coming in to this orientation, for
example, I need to get something like this. There is no point to select, even though you say, okay, when I build a rebuild this
surface I may want to rebuild a lot more. Maybe I want to do 40 instead of 20, and
then I want to do 40 here right. So that gives you a lot more point but it’s hard
to select to the straight line so this is what happened
when you’re creating the surface with this way. The other way that we are going
to build a surface is we have to build a surface in the way of a radiation. What
that mean is I’m going to draw a line right in the middle right there, and then
the length is over the tip of my petal. We are going to use the command is under
the surface you have Revolve. With this one, I’m going to snapping into the
center as my axis, and coming into the front of you holding my SHIFT, and going
from the top to the bottom, so the surface, instead of grid, if we
rebuild the surface we will have more of a radiation right here, and that may fit
into the surface that we wanted to have this ripple effect. Let’s use this curve
outline, and we can trim everything off right there. Let’s turn down the
control points, and you’re gonna see a lot more point there that you don’t need.
so we need to have one more command it’s called ShinkTrimSurface for
that surface, then we’ll get it into as close as possible, so now what we wanted
to do is we want to pick up those surface by holding the SHIFT and you can
pick one by one, so that’s one way to do. The other way that we want to have a
quick selection so under here. We have the selection tools so you can select
those points, so what I like to do is I want to click everything close to the
point, so this one this one this one this one and maybe this one as well and this
one and that’s usually commands call select V, so you will select everything
aligned with the point we just picked We don’t want anything close to
the bottom. We want to make sure the edge is as flat as possible, and we do not
need anything that is over. so I’m going to deselect those points.
Let’s giving a try. If we moving up like this, we will get something
look like this. If that is what you want that’s great.
Another way to moving all this points is we can have the commands called
Soft Move, and then you want to come to the top view, and select where possible the
highest part that you want it, and what is the distance, the radius you want
them to go, and then you can go like this Once you click OK, you
notice that it gives you more of this. The center is higher, and gradually changing
down to the side or the boarder. Depends on what kind of design that you like, whether is move everybody up, or
move something like this. Okay so now we have this one, we can go ahead to
making a copy to creating the thickness here. I cannot use the offset because
once we offset, for example, you may have the surface cross over right here, and
then for rendering, it’s fine, but if you’re going to print this, you’re going
to have the problem. so what I like to do is actually just making a copy. We
need to create a wall in between, so we are going to use the duplicate edge. We’re
gonna select all the edges and make sure you join together. Once you join them,
this will be the rail. We’re going to create a cross section over here. so
we’re gonna use the command Sweep 2 Rail and this is our cross section, and
then we will create a wall like that. Don’t forget to join them. Double make
sure right now this is a close solid polysurfaces. Now we have this one.
This look really stiff. I do have the bumps for what I want, but I do want to
have an edge right here it’s not as thick as body. so what I try to do is use
the commands called Cage Edit With this Cage Edit, I want to have a
bounding box XYZ for 4 of them as preset, and I’m gonna go over here to
choose anything close to the edge right there, and using the 1D scale to scale it
down like this. So that way, it will give me a little bit thinner on edge, and if
you’d like to make it even more thinner, you can choose a certain point that you
want to make it lower. Make sure you are not making like a knife edges. Right now
we have this one, and then to make it even more interesting, we could do a
twist on it. so we want to go from this point to here, and we can come over say
we want twist a little bit like this. Okay so now we have this one. Let’s do
the Polar Array, and see how it look. I’m going to have a five of them, and before
I click OK, make sure I Record History. I want to rotate it 360 degrees.
So if this is like too far away, and you can kind of move in have them tuck in a
little bit, if it is not enough for you, you can go ahead to rotate it. So
then you will got this peddle over here. I hope you enjoyed the video please like
and share and comment below so that helped my ranking on the YouTube. Thank
you for watching, I’ll see you next!

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