How to Choose Glass for Glass Art : Using Antique Glass for Glass Art

I wanted to draw your attention specifically
right now to the Antique glass. And, antique glass it’s just it’s a gorgeous. It’s very
translucent, you can see right through it. It allows the light to come through very brightly.
And, the reason that you would be able to tell an antique from the rest of the glasses
is it’s got these wonderful little bubbles. It’s like seedy bubbles that go through the
glass along with the streaks. So, it’s got two different types of texture going on there.
This would be your lemon clear. And, this light turquoise antique. Which, has quite
a few more bubbles in it’s process when it was being formed. There is regular turquoise
antique. See, there’s more of the lines in the glass and the ripples. But, less of the
bubbles. So, just keep in mind as you’re selecting your antique glass that you run out of enough
and you need to find another piece. Remember the consistency of your bubbles and your lines
in this glass. So, that you can get it as close as possible in matching it up. One more,
this is the light amber. So, there’s a wide selection of colors that you can choose from.

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