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(upbeat music) – Today we are talking
about bricks and stone. When we were here building
the patio at Edgewood Hall, we did a mix of vintage antique brick, zipper brick, bluestone
curbing that was all salvage. The choices are really endless. Where, really, does one start if you’re not sure what you want. – The best rule of thumb is
what goes well with the house. Now unique historic home that needs to have things things that match. So you’re not gonna do very modern things. You’re gonna do things like bluestone. Like brick, reclaimed brick. Cobblestone is another
really great material. But I don’t think people
realize that it comes in a variety of different colors. So today we brought traditional granite colored fountain block cobblestone. But then it also comes in a beautiful red stone color, like a rusty red color. And it also comes in a beautiful
tan, almost tiger print. – That’s gorgeous.
– Color. And it ages beautifully as well. – It looks really pretty
with the pea gravel. (upbeat music) – This one right here, the one on top, is thermal bluestone. That means it’s laser cut. It has few discolorations. And that’s really good
in modern landscaping. Or something where you need. Or compliments a really
rustic material like brick. The one under it is actually
natural cleft flagstone. That means it’s been almost
like chipped off at the quarry. And it has those clefts,
those dimples, those. – [Eddie] And this is a
example of cleft on top, right? – Yes, and that’s irregular flagstone. It’s great for pathways with
sod in between the joints. The cement pavers, there’s a
lot of different vendors that make like a lot of different
quality of products. You know what the great thing about them is that they’re affordable, and if you get a little creative
with how you use them, they just look just as chic as
using the bluestone or brick. (upbeat music) – The brick and materials,
here, I mean it’s everything from something manmade modern to something that’s over a hundred years old. Are there better bricks
to use than others? – I mean, certainly you
wanna try to quality, check the quality of that brick when you’re buying reclaimed materials. If it’s disintegrating and all that. So you wanna buy nice, strong brick. The thing I love about this
is there’s this beveled edge on here, that’s the
classic way to install it. But again, if you’re
going for a modern look, I actually love this. – That’s pretty, too. – This almost aggregate, open-faced look. – There’s so many different
patterns that you can create. To do a brick patio with these colors, would just be so chic,
like a basket weave. Using the four different colors. – This is clay brick that is. When you install it, it
looks like a full brick. And it can also accept paint beautifully. (upbeat music) – [Eddie] Pea gravel is a great way to just really put down
your crushed rock bed. You know, put down pea gravel and then you’ll need less brick to edge this. To keep it corralled. I think pea gravel with some edging is a total bang for your buck. It’s really eye candy that you’ll be able to see all year long. In a gorgeous patio. (upbeat music)

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