How To Clean and Protect Leather Car Steering Wheel – Chemical Guys

Would it be funny if I was doing this and
the airbag went off? You would laugh. What’s up guys? Welcome back to the Detail Garage. Today, we have this red VW R32 in the shop
and we are going to be showing you guys how to maintain and protect one of the most neglected
and abused areas on your vehicle: your steering wheel. Most of the time, you’re touching your steering
wheel (or at least you should be) and that collects grime and anything that’s on your
hands and on a leather steering wheel, it penetrates the surface, giving it this shiny
look. Today, we are going to show you how to remove
it and properly protect it so that you can add longevity and to restore that natural
look. So, let’s get started. To begin, I’m going to using some Leather
Cleaner that I already diluted 10 to 1 in our Professional Spray Bottle. I’m going to spray it onto the brush to control
overspray. This is our horsehair brush that gently cleans
any leather goods. I’m going to start here on the center of the
steering wheel, just gently scrubbing. This is agitating the cleaner to gently penetrate
the hide of the leather and lift off any of the deep set in stains and we will wipe it
off for a natural finish. Now, for most people, the center of the steering
wheel is plastic or vinyl, but you can still use the Leather Cleaner to remove any body
oils or grease. You can see that foaming action that penetrates
the surface and it makes it easier for stubborn stains or any kind of dirt to come
off with just a simple wipe. Now, it has that nice clean, crisp finish. It also feels nice and smooth. Now, we can just continue our way around the
steering wheel. This is a high traffic area where your hands
are constantly touching. As most of you know, leather steering wheels
are not supposed to have a shiny finish, so we are going to show you how to properly remove
all of that to get it back to the factory look. Now moving onto the outer ring of the steering
wheel, we are going to start at the top. I’m going to put this towel on my leg to prevent
any foam from getting on myself and then just working my way around, this helps remove any
staining, any body oils, and bacteria that you might have touched or brought onto the
steering wheel because if you think about it, you touch your face, your nose, your anything
and then you touch your steering wheel and that’s where it’s going to linger and stay. We are going to clean all of that off to get
it back down that crisp look and also to add longevity like I mentioned. Any kind of oils will deteriorate the finish
of your leather and cause cracking, staining, and discoloration over time. Frequently and periodically cleaning and conditioning
will help to prolong the life your leather and also make it look its best. So, now that I’ve taken care of most of the
larger areas, the real test is going to be when we wipe if off. This is going to show you all that grease
that was hiding in there because it’s hard to tell on a black steering wheel when there’s
dirt or a stain on there until you actually clean it. So, I’m just working my way around. That’s all the stuff that was hiding on the
surface. So, moving on to our last step in the detailing
process on this steering wheel today, we’re going to be using some Leather Conditioner. Now, what that’s going to do is it’s going
to rejuvenate and also protect the steering wheel. It’s going to revive that leather look and
leather scent, while also protecting against UV rays and staining. So, we are going to start by shaking the bottle
up and then apply a couple of dots to the applicator pad. If you’ve noticed we’ve been using tan today,
that’s because we’ve designated all of our tan products to work with our leather and
I will start by just blotching it out. You can use this on leather, you can use this
on synthetic leather, or fake leather. You just simply work it all the way around
getting it into all the pores and crevices. Since there’s stitching on the steering wheel,
I’m not going to heavily clot or build it up on there. I’m going over it pretty quickly and then
I will do a final pass to work it in. We will give it a moment to sit and bond on
the surface and then with a clean microfiber towel we will buff off the excess. So, in the mean time, you guys can head over
to our website and check out these products for yourself. Thanks for checking out today’s video. Be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe
and we will see you next time right here in the Detail Garage.

30 Replies to “How To Clean and Protect Leather Car Steering Wheel – Chemical Guys”

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  4. I've read multiple reviews that this brush works great…but it smells pretty bad. Any recommendations to get rid of that smell before using it and spreading the stench throughout the car?

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  10. Nice video Nick, I’ll have to purchase these products for my leather steering wheel in my Durango. Question, I’d imagine it’s the same process for the rest of the leather in my SUV?

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