How To Clean and Restore Vinyl Roof – 1969 Camaro SS – Chemical Guys Car Care

Hey guys, welcome back to Detail Garage. So today we have a 1969 Camaro SS. And this car is in pristine condition. Earlier, Matt washed it and gave it a great nice shine. But today we are going to focus more on this vinyl top. This vinyl top is very porous. We are going to use Nonsense to take out a lot of that dirt that’s built up into the top. And we are going to use our Natural Shine to go ahead and bring back a little bit of luster and also protect it from the UV sun. So I’m going to grab our Nonsense, Nonsense is diluted 20:1 this is strong enough so it can go into the vinyl top and pull out a lot of the dirt. And I’m going to be using our short hair brush to agitate. So start off by spraying it out. This is a great all-purpose cleaner and it’s not gonna damage it because it’s diluted properly. So it can sit up here for a while. So when you’re brushing the top like I am, you’re gonna notice you’ll see a lot of foam and the foam will start going away. And this is good because that means it’s getting down in there it’s picking up all the dirt off the top. And when I wipe with a microfiber towel… You’ll start seeing all of the dirt and whatever was embedded on top of the vinyl top coming off. So what you’re looking for is a nice… foamy consistency when you’re wiping. And afterwards when you see that foam dissipate that’s the perfect time to go in there with a microfiber towel and extract all of that. Alright perfect. So, even as I was wiping off the excess, you can see all the dirt still coming off. So, this is nice and dry now. And what I’m going to be using now is our Natural Shine. So I chose to use Natural Shine because Natural Shine has a very very low shine. It makes it look brand new. And that’s what we want to do. We want to make this look new again. We don’t want to give a high shine and plus, Natural Shine has an added benefit of being a UV blocker. So it’s going to block any kind of UV rays from drying up this vinyl top; and having it tear apart from normal use. There you go. You can see a huge difference between the side that’s not clean, not protected, as opposed to a side that is. That about does it! Don’t forget to wipe off any excess left behind. If you like this video be sure to give it a thumbs up. If you want to see more videos like this, subscribe to us on Youtube channel. We have over 850 videos of pure freaking awesomeness, be sure to subscribe. And if you want to see more products like this, go to See you guys next time.

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  1. you need to show more of a before and after picture close up and better angles of how the product is working. most of the time I can't even see or tell a difference when you guys are done cause your just focused on the detailer. but other than that everything else is great and helpful

  2. Love this stuff!, always keeping my car clean with all you guys stuff I love it. I detail cars for free when I have time, I take tips tho lol. Can't wait to get my self some C9 to ultimately protect my pain for 3 years. Awesome stuff keep at it guys. 👍

  3. You're not telling me how to clean and restore vinyl row you're just trying to sell me a product.

  4. I have a '70 Olds 442 with a vinyl top. I bought the car from a guy who had it in a field for a few years. The paint and top are both in surprisingly good shape, but the top is starting to show dry spots here and there. Will this restore those spots or do you guys have something else that will do the trick?

  5. I have a 1972 Lincoln, I just purchased top cleaner and protectant from local chemical guys store in Kingston pa, he recommended two products, now im wondering if he sold me the right stuff? I just did it today, the products are , chemical guys convertible top cleaner and convertible top protectant, he said it was for vynl tops also, does look much better but not much shine?

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