How to Clean and Restore Your Headlights – The Professional Method

Castle Headlight Restoration is the professional’s choice,
when it comes to restoring vehicle headlights to
like-new condition. Now, let’s see how it’s done. Mask off area around headlamp
assembly using supply tape and
masking paper. Some vehicles may be easier to
mask with the hood open. Using supplied sanding block,
wetsand the surface of the lamp
until yellowing or previous coating
fades away, and dust becomes
white. This will indicate that you are
now sanding into the lens
itself. Continue wetsanding with 600
grit paper until smooth. Finish sanding with
1000 grit paper until smooth, to prepare the
surface for coating. Using a clean absorbent cloth, free of any silicone products,
wipe the lens dry. Gently wipe the lens with the
supplied tack rag, to remove any dust and
remaining debris. The lens surface is now
ready for coating. Shake the can of
Castle Headlight Restoration vigorously for at least 30
seconds. Hold the can about 6 inches
from the lens, and apply in
a sweeping motion, one even coat to the entire
lens. Allow about 15 minutes
to dry. Remove masking paper,
andreturn the vehicle
to your customer.

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