How to Collect Antique Stoneware Crocks : Collecting Antique Jugs

When deciding what type of stoneware you want
to collect we are going to take a look at briefly at what the great wall jug looks like
and the size that is comes in. Here you see a very small jug probably a 1 gallon a little
bit more smaller probably a 1/2 a gallon. This is a 2 gallon right here this is very
plain no decoration at all cobalt decoration and had a cork at one time. Here you see the
2 gallon straight wall jug it has a little bit of chipping here but it has a very simple
cobalt design on the front with 2 on press for 2 gallon so that is a pretty large size.
But they would start off very small miniature jugs, no larger then 2 inches and they would
go right up to what I have to show you today is the 3 gallon right here and this is a New
York jug. But I want to show you this one also it is a 2 gallon and it has a nice design
a little bit more design, a little more salt glaze where you can see on it where it has
a bumper surface on it. With a nice collar and handle you can see in the back and most
of these straight wall jugs you would find they have these handles to really move the
jugs around. They get pretty heavy so this is a 2 gallon and the other one that we have
here has a nice decoration in cobalt is the gallon but that has a awful lot of blue with
some really nice detail decoration to it. This a nice 3 gallon what I want to show you
on top which is really unusual is this wooded cork this is a nice original wooden cork you
can see it is just hand carved out. And a lot of times this was lost in the process
you can see 3-4 jugs that I’m showing you here are missing this top. So it is nice when
you find a crock that has the original cork that went in it. So that is a nice example
of a really nice cobalt decoration on a 3 gallon New York jug with the original cover
so. This is a nice example with a nice stylize handle on the back. So these are just 4 examples
of a wide range that you can find in this type of a straight wall jug.

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  1. i have similiar antique stoneware crock like yours, could you help me to estimated how much price is it, i can send you the pict of my jar by mail (please respone)

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