How to Collect Antique Stoneware Crocks : Damaged Antique Crocks

We are going to talk a little bit about damage
to these crocks. I have a few examples with a little bit of damage but there I don’t have
a lot of examples but I want to talk briefly about when you look at a crock like this and
you look at the surface you are not going to see on here it is very clean and it is
very smooth. But if you approach or see a crock for sale and when you look at it there
is pop marks where the top of the glaze actually pull right off and you can see the very dry
surface underneath it those types of crocks you want to stay away from. If it is popped
out of the surface that means moisture has got in down in underneath the crock itself
and it is pushing out the top layer of the crock. So one of the things a crock collector
told me years ago is when you see a crock like that just stay away from it because what
happens is that it continues to pop. The glaze would come off of it continuously until you
will see some examples out there where all across the entire crock where you see pieces
what looks like entire chunks of the crock are gone and that you know is moisture underneath
just pushing the surface right off. That is not going to stop so over time all you are
going to do is end up with a crock that continues to deteriorate so not a good investment. I
don’t have a good example for you to see but I know by just describing to you if you where
out there looking for a crock you would know what I was talking about so I would highly
recommend stay away from the crock with any kind of damage. Because there is nothing you
can do to correct it even in restoration.

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  1. We found an old butter churn crock in a dig where alot of things dug up was in the 1800s. i cant seem to identtfy the mark. it is like a large paw print with 8 toes or u can say there is 8toes with a backwards 4 in center. it is a large marking and the blue is old that is on this crock. would u know the marking

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