How to Collect Antique Stoneware Crocks : How to Assess Damage of Antique Crocks

So some other things that I can show you that
are minor which would be obvious in crocks like this. You would see lines that cracking
and one of the things that I like people to know about collecting cracks with cobalt decoration
is if you have a crock that has a line and goes right down the center of that cobalt
there is nothing that a restore could do to resurface this area where there is damage
to the cobalt. So if you find a crock that has damage right down the center it’s that
is going to be what it looks like because it can’t be repair. Any other cracks or lines
on a crock can be restore so that is something to keep in mind when you are buying. You are
going to find there is little tiny there’s chips and cracks like this where the surface
has been bang against something and you know it is going to happen over time cause these
crocks where made to use so it is natural that they are going to bang and chip around.
There is another good example of a nice big chunk taking out of the top of this jug a
straight jug. Then here on this crock over here I thing we have another example of some
damage. You would find damage on these it is very typical on these crocks the ears would
get chipped or broken off completely and these things could be actually repair. So it is
not unusual to find the ears broken off or chipped. So some examples I mean when you
really when you looked for a crock and it is damage if you pick a crock like this and
you bang on it tap on the side and you hear a really really dull sound you know there
is a line or some sort of cracking in it so you need to look a little closer to see if
there is cracking in it.

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