How to Collect Antique Stoneware Crocks : How to Determine Value of Antique Crocks

Then these leaves decoration and floral decorations
they come in a lot of different sizes these floral can cost you around $200-$400 depending
on the condition. This one is in really good shape it can cost you about $300 so that is
a fairly inexpensive crock. Still affordable for most people. This 4 gallon west trade
crock is a really nice crock, it has a nice floral decoration to it, pretty clean like
clay base to it. This crock would cost you somewhere in the range in $350. Another crock
that I can show you the one’s that have a little bit more cobalt decoration on them
here this crock is about $350 it is a larger crock with a lot of cobalt on it. Let’s see
if I can show you a little closer with the original cork on the top this would cost you
about $350. This stylize floral without any without any signature probably a New England
jug around $350-$400. Then when you start to getting into more decoration like this
bird on the leaf this bird on a leaf is a 5 gallon pretty large jug by Bennington pretty
highly desire jug can cost you between 8 and a 1000 dollars. So these could be pretty expensive
depending on the condition so this is where you start to spend a little more money. This
crock right here the peaking chicken in good shape this is a 3 gallon and this is out of
New York this peaking chicken could cost you over 8-1000 dollars to depending on the condition
and whom the potter is. So those are example of a little more expensive jugs. This one
up here the weight leaves jug that has a signed script is really highly desire local jug with
high relief, with a lot of cobalt on it and a sign script can cost you between 2000-3000
so you got a pretty good range here. Anywhere from $25 to a couple of thousands so this
is just a small sample and there is a bigger range of prices you just need to get out there
and need to search them out.

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  1. I am trying to find information on a 5 gal stoneware crock that is numbered 470S light color with hand painted grape leaves/vine and grape clusters across the top. When I purchased it, the gal could not provide its age or anything. Can you help?

  2. hi good night i am from guyana i have a jug and its pretty old and it can hold 5 gallon of water i want to know the coast of it how can i get on to you or so help me out please

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