How to Collect Antique Stoneware Crocks : More Local Collecting of Antique Crocks

She choose to break way from the old very
simple designs of the beginning of the 19 century and decided to decorate in the highest
relief like this and add a lot of cobalt and a lot more interest to the crock. She wanted
to I think she was showing a appeal to women who where using these in there kitchens and
they are much more appealing so ti was all about selling the product so showing a highly
decorative crock like this would appeal to women in that period. So the unfortunate thing
is that Marie Kellogg did not sign this crock with her name because during that time period
women where not allowed to own there own businesses and they didn’t get much credit for the amount
of work what they did so. It is believe that this crock actually decorated by her and signed
by her what she did is sign her husbands name. In this area is very highly desirable crock
so this is a nice thing to try to seek out but there would not be a lot of them that
would be signed like this. The script is very unusual to find like I was saying before stamping
a crock like this is pretty a pretty general rule of the thumb they you are going to see
when you are buying crocks. This is very unusual so something to look for, if you see a crock
signed in script you know it has a lot of value to it so those are some of the things
to look for when you are collecting crocks.

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