How to Collect Antique Stoneware Crocks : New England Antique Crocks

Most of the crocks that I have on the table
here are from different parts of New England and New York also, is in this selection here.
Most of them are identified with markings on the front of them, telling you they’re
a two gallon, a four gallon, um, a three gallon and what, some of them give you even more
detail, by telling you this one’s from West Troy, that one over there is from Ashville,
Mass., and this one right here is from Waitley, so they’re usually, some of them are easily
identified with the stamps or impressions that are put on them. Others may be more difficult;
there may not be signatures on them, but, um, some of the shapes and types of clay that
they’re made out of can help you identify where they come from. So this is a little
bit about some of the different, different styles and different areas of crocks that
we’re going to talk about today. Some New York, some New England, we have Massachusetts,
we have Vermont, some vending in Vermont crocks and have a number of Troy crocks, a few from
New York, in from two to three, to four gallons.

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