How to Collect Antique Stoneware Crocks : Ovid Shapes of Antique Crocks

We are going to talk a little bit about ovid
shapes. These have a nice ovid shape to them I have only 3 example to show you here and
they are some extreme ovid jugs which came out and they are very bell vise and they are
small and have a cap that comes out from the top of the jug. So we don’t have a example
to show you today but we do have these 3 very nice examples of the ovid shape. This one
here from West Troy this is a 4 gallon it is a nice size and going down this would be
this is unmarked I would say that it is close to a 4 gallon to if you look at it compare
to this one. It got a great design here with a splash of cobalt, this is a really nice
piece of pottery. The arms you could notice the ears are little bit higher the on the
ears here even though it’s about the same size it is just the different type of designs
where you have inside impression on the top of the ovid jug here. And here you can see
a rib design that goes all the way in the inside of the jug that is just another example.
Here we have one more smaller example to show you this is a 2 gallon and this is from Asheville
mask with a nice spray of cobalt decoration on it. This is you can see the difference
between this pot and this pot the colors there is a large variation on the color which tells
you the clay pot probably came from a different area.

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