How to Collect Antique Stoneware Crocks : Prices of Antique Crocks

So when you are collecting crocks there is
a very large range of price for crocks. The shapes and size need to be taking into a count,
the cobalt decoration, the maker who made it, the degree of damage on the crock, the
coloring those are all things to look for when your collecting a pot and when your try
to decide how much to pay for a crock. You can buy a crock today for $10-$15 a really
simple straight jug like this with no decoration. Then you can spend in the 1000s, 30,000, 40,000
dollars for a crock depending on the rarely on it. Some crocks with equal decoration just
storage jugs like these are not much larger 2-3 gallons that I have seen equal jugs go
for $20,000 or $30,000 so there is a price range for everyone out there when they are
collecting these crocks. Some of the examples I have to show you today are a pretty good
range that most people could afford to buy. So I would start by showing you this crock
which is only a $25-$35 unsigned 19 century a little straight jug so that is a $25 jug.
This gallon unsigned, straight jug, with a very little of cobalt cost you about $125
to a $150. Let me show you another simple Bennington northern because it is local for
use here in New England these jugs tend to be more desirable this is a small size and
this could cost you anywhere from $150 to a $250. Depending on the decoration this is
a nice deep color, very simple design though but it is clean it has a very tiny line on
the top. But for the most part it doesn’t have just a little bit of wear in the inside.
No chips, no lines, no restoration so in here, here is a crock that has been restored this
is a very desirable Asheville crock but it has restoration to it so it’s value is somewhere
between $250 and $500. The restoration could have been better but still because it is a
local crock it is still commends that kind of money. Here is another example of a restore
Asheville crock these crocks are still really highly sold after this is probably about a
$300 two gallon crock.

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  1. Hello, I am would like your help with identifying a transferware tankard. Do you have a contact email? Thanks.

  2. I came across two objects that are stoneware cylinders–one is definitely a small crock, the other is the size of a dog dish for a massive dog. I got them for cheap at estate sales–just 3-4 dollars. I doubt they're worth much. One says in blue "LA Electric Company" and I love it because I live in LA. The smaller one has no markings but I'm just attracted to the simple solid look. I'm trying to figure out how people repurpose them.

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