How to Collect Antique Stoneware Crocks : Types of Cobalt Images on Antique Crocks

We’re talking about these, these New England
crocks and we’re going to look at the slipware, the decoration, the cobalt decoration and
they can from, um, crocks with nothing on them, no surface decoration at all to a very
simple scrolled design, here in a two gallon that you can see, isn’t marked other than
two gallon and this vessel is very simple, not an unusual design, very common and then
we go to a little, um, almost a bell-flower design here and this is actually a Ashfield
crock, with a three gallon crock, so I just want to show you some of the cobalt decorations
of that period, the nineteenth century. Then you can get into a little more stylized floral
design in a four gallon and this is a Norton and Bennington, from Vermont, has a little
more cobalt and a little more flow to it, a different, a little bit different design,
a little more cobalt in it. And then we can move into highly stylized, here’s a little
bit more cobalt in this crock right here, um, a floral, kinda like a, a large stem design,
which is flowing too, in that soft glaze. And then if you look at this one, which is
a three-gallon larger crock from New York, it has a lot of cobalt design on it, a little
flatter in the cobalt but you see a lot more blue compared to this crock right here. Um,
it also, this, this stylized blue, the more blue you have on a crock, the more expensive
the crock is, so keep that in mind when you’re looking at and trying to figure out how to,
um how much to spend on these crocks. The more cobalt blue you see on them, the more
it’s going to cost you to buy them.

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