How to Collect Coins video – Top 5 tips for coin collectors

>>Narrator: We’re the Littleton Coin Company. We’ve
been making coin collecting FUN and EASY since 1945. Here are our TOP 5 COIN COLLECTING TIPS!
#1 – Pick coins you like – Choose the coins that appeal to you – for their design, their
history or their story. No matter what your interests are, shape your collection to meet
YOUR tastes. This way you’ll be happy every time you look at…and share, your collection.
#2 – Start Small – You can easily get discouraged if your collection starts out too big. So,
if you’re new to collecting start with just one or two sets – assemble a year set, like
the popular Lincoln cent with coins from 1909 to present day or a Type set with dimes from
the 20th century. When you start small, you’ll find lots of ways to branch out and grow your
collection as your time… and wallet… will allow.
#3- Know your stuff – Knowledge is power and that goes for collecting, too. Read books
and articles about collecting, visit reputable hobby web sites like CoinWeek, Littleton Coin’s
learn center and the American Numismatic Association. Learn everything you can about the coins that
interest you. #4 – Handle with Care – Make sure you store
your coins safely. Place your coins in approved, archival-quality folders, albums and holders.
Then, be sure to store your coins in a climate controlled location – NOT your basement,
garage or attic. Use gloves when handling your coins or hold by the rim… AND NEVER
clean your coins. #5 – Be a Smart Buyer – Choose coins with
the best eye-appeal as a coin’s unique appearance is usually of the foremost importance. That
means, you should choose the best-looking, highest graded examples you can afford. And
be sure to buy your coins only from reputable dealers, who’ve been around for a while
– those with A ratings from the Better Business Bureau and associations with the American
Numismatic Association and Professional Numismatists Guild. That way you’ll always know the coins
you own are authentic and graded correctly. Thanks for viewing Littleton Coin Company’s
TOP 5 Collecting Tips. Let us know if you liked this video by clicking like below, commenting
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  1. One question. How often should I check the prices for the values of my coins? Once every 2 years? Once every year maybe? Maybe take it to the local coin shop and have them give me an estimate once a year?

  2. Olá eu sou brasileiro, o que você tem de moedas do meu país?
    Hello, I'm braziliam, what do you have of the coins to my cowntry?

  3. Right now a 2011-S Proof Native American Dollar is $26.00 plus $6.95 shipping on the Littleton website. On ebay the same coin is $5.50 already graded by PCGS PF69DCAM plus $3.00 shipping. Littleton gives good advice but their prices are ridiculous. Educate yourself before you start buying and don't throw your money away.

  4. Can I have some input on PVC containing storage methods? I just learned that vinyl (polyvinyl chloride) can harm and even destroy the value of coins long-term due to corrosion and I'm finding it difficult to find ways to store my coins. I found these non-PVC 2×2 inch coin slips/holders which are perfect for my coins, but I'd also like to insert those into album pages (for chronological organization) that don't contain PVC. I have pages at home that unfortunately contain PVC, and that's all I can find on the internet. Mucho asisto por favor?

  5. There is a Quarter Dollar 1981 with error mint , very rare. You can see the video named Quarter Dollar Error Mint With Two Colors.

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  13. Just like stamps,you collect coins you like most likely worthless while WE "COLLECT' HIGHLY EXPENSIVE ONES….oh wait,not enough,we also provide folders,books and expensive grading tactics to get your money…for you to keep your worthless coins safe.
    If you think you find a "rare" coin send it to us,we rip you off 30+ quid to grade it,then we send the worthless shit to you in a plastic case,take it to school to show to your friends.

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  15. Hey there Im so confused with littleton company.Most says its spam and I checked on insta and website too.I came to sell and he is so eager to get my whatsapp and so ok with my deals.I heard they agree than at time sending money they withold and say calling from government as police officer n offended we doing crime.I read this on website.Which is true??. I need sell my coin.Is ppl play scams by using real littleton company name.Anyone??

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