How to Collect Imported Antiques : Overview of Collecting Antiques from Japan

You know what I’m thinking? This is Jan, your
Expert Village fun antiquer. And you know what I’m thinking? I’m thinking, “Japan.”
I wonder why. I’m thinking, “Sushi.” I’m thinking, “Karen Meer.” I’m thinking, “Some sake–hot
sake.” But I’m also thinking that you should look around, and when you see Japanese items,
like this, think of Jan, who owns an antique store in Pomona. I own an antique store called
Antique Avenue, on Second Street and Pomona. And don’t forget Jan when you have cool stuff
that you either want to be looked at–appraised–or if you want to sell something. You give me
a call at 909-622-3076. The antique district in Pomona is quite a fantastic find. It’s
on Second Street, and there are literally twenty or thirty antique malls, and you can
find stuff like you won’t believe. It’ll be so incredible. Not only will you find things
from Japan, you will find things from Germany, from France, from, need I say, China (which
you probably want to avoid because they’re probably real new), India. You will be a world-wide
traveler if you come to the antique–the Pomona antique district on Second Street. See you
there. Good-bye, Expert Village.

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