How to Collect Majolica Pottery : Collectible Quality Majolica Pottery

When collecting you want to try to buy the
best condition you can buy within the price range you can afford so it may be that you
want to start off with smaller pieces and more common pieces. This corn pitcher is very
common and it comes in a number of different sizes from small to large here’s an old corn
pitcher right here. It’s probably about 5″ tall and it can obviously be around this size
also I wanted to show you the difference between a reproduction and an old piece. Both of these
corn pitchers are good examples if you take a look at the bottom of this pitcher you can
see there’s very white clean lines around here. This is very porous very dried and if
you rub your hands on it you can feel how porous it is and there’s absolutely no dirt
no discoloration at all. You can see this glaze that’s run over on top of this it has
an older mark that they used in the mold which is very deceiving because when you take a
look at the glaze, the glaze is very clear and there’s not glazing underneath that glaze.
This is what you want to look for crackling this little types of crackling all underneath
here that happens with age. And you don’t see this in this piece you can see that bright
green glaze over the top, so looking at this piece you can tell it’s very fresh and very
clean and not used and hasn’t sat on somebody’s counter or cupboard for a hundred years. It’s
very easy to detect if you know what you’re looking for so this is a reproduction of a
corn pitcher only worth about $25. This pitcher in the original with early mark that’s original
and only a hundred years old it’s going to be $125-$150, so there’s a huge difference
in what your buying. I just want to show you an old example here, if you look at the bottom
you can see there’s lots of crazing there’s dirt marks around the outside. You can see
where this pitcher has been around for a quite a long time, see the brown that has discolored
in here this is an older pitcher. A big difference between looking at the bottom of this and
the bottom of that huge difference, and there’s a huge difference in the price too. So that’s
one thing to look out for when you’re collecting majolica because they reproduce this, today
certain patterns they reproduce more than others. But it is out there and it is a problem
because when you’re investing money there’s no return on a reproduction.

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  1. What exactly is Majoical pottery? Unfortunately, this lady is making an assumption that everyone automatically knows what she is talking about.

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