How to Collect Oil Lamps : Antique Oil Lamp Collecting: Types of Lamps

We are here to talk about 19th Century oil
lamps. Here we have a few examples starting with three milk glass bases here. When you
look at it, there’s the chimney, the burner with a column that connects to the font which
is where you will hold your fluid and a brass column with a milk glass base. This is your
basic 19th Century Oil lamp. We have a few examples here in milk glass; 1, 2, 3. Here
and here and we also have whale oil here with your number 2 collar that is missing the burner
which is not unusual for a whale oil. We use a number 2 burner to adapt so that it can
be used. It is functional still today. We also have different varieties which is also
called a finger lamp. Obviously, to hold it is called a finger lamp. This is about 1870
so we will see a range from the early 1810, 1820 up to 1890. This is actually dated September
20, 1870 so that is a little unusual but they do have dates on the bottom, some of them.
So this finger lamp is dated. Here we have more of the same fluid lamps. 1840’s and 1830’s;
two more examples. A little smaller fluid container, your font is much smaller than
this one right here which you have a much larger reservoir to hold the oil. These contain
whale oil. When it was popular in the early 1800’s which was changed because of the diminishing
whale overkill so they changed into using fuel which today’s fuel you can buy just like
this for lamp oil which is a nice burning fuel that doesn’t smoke as much as the whale
oil would have in its day because it doesn’t have the fat. So those are some of the examples
we have today. Only one colored example which is blue to clear which is areal pretty oil
with fairly large font to it and a brass collar and a number one burner and this one actually
has the marble base. I have only two examples with a marble base. You can take a look. Take
a look at those right there and those are the marble bases with the brass connectors
so those are some examples of what we will be talking about today.

6 Replies to “How to Collect Oil Lamps : Antique Oil Lamp Collecting: Types of Lamps”

  1. ive got 6 of i inherited still had whale oil in was from a music hall in the 19th centuary Ad and had the halls name on it and was used to light people to their seats.i use mine.

  2. I have  a  blue  colbolt  oil lamp  the  globe  and  base  are  blue  colbolt  glass  ,,the  bottom  is  metal,,,I  guess  the  bottom is  rod  Iron  not  sure,,,I  have  alot  of  different  oil lamps  I  collect  them,,,dont  know  much  about  my  blue  colbolt  one,,,

  3. I have  2  globes  that  read  home  sweet  home,,,and  another  one  that  has  eagles  on it,,,very  unique


  5. I have an oil lamp with a cast iron bottom that has appears to be Medussa on the base of it and the part that the oil goes in is frosted with a circular pattern. Has anyone seen one of these and what is the year and cost.

  6. I hate how thin the chimney glass is on the newer lamps. I am always on the lookout for antique lamps that have the heavy chimney glass.

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