How to Collect Oil Lamps : How to Display your Antique Oil Lamp Collection

In displaying your collection, what I find
and I’ll use this as an example because I collect this Bellflower pattern is they made
a lot of tableware in this Bellflower pattern because when you collect your lamps, I like
to display it with my tableware collection. So that is one way you can display your oil
lamps. Another way is to just group them together in time frames or patterns or groupings in
a room. There is a number of ways that you can display these. It depends if you want
to use them in a functional way also. So if you are collecting a particular pattern, you
can put a whole pattern together with your fuel lamps and dinnerware or collection of
a number of pieces in a same pattern which always looks nice or you can display in a
cupboard with just a grouping of a number of whale oils or flints and in this particular
case a milk glass base and you might to choose all milk glass bases. So displaying them together
there is a nice way to show you that there is continuity between them just by the milk
glass base itself. So that is one way go display all your taller lamps together. Another way
to do is in a layering affect. You can start out with your tallest lamps in the back and
layer them to the shortest in the front. There is no limit to the types of way you can display.
Displaying and using would make a big difference in the choice of way you put them.

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