How to Collect Oil Lamps : Sizes & Patterns of Antique Oil Lamps: Part 1

In collecting oil lamps, there is a variety
of different patterns you can choose from. It is a very subjected area where you are
going to find what you like. My suggestion is that you look through the books for the
different patterns and try to decide what it is that you like. You might want to start
with a smaller oil lamp like this or you may choose to go with a larger size lamp which
is like this. There is also an even larger style here that I’ll show you that has actually
a globe has been put on it. It wasn’t there originally but you can get into a style that
is a fairly large lamp so it is completely up to you, the size of the area that you have
to display these lamps is going to make a big impact on what you choose to collect.
So there are a number of varieties. You can start by looking at this putty pattern right
here which is like half moon shape with a brass connector and milk glass base which
is very interesting. It is just a matter of what you ecstatically like. Now I will show
you another pattern that I like which is the Bellflower which is a very pretty bell flower
with lines and leaves to the pattern and it has a scalloped edge on the bottom.

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