How To Decorate Your Home Victorian Style : Purchasing Antiques for Victorian Style Homes

Hi I’m Betty Ingham and I’m speaking on behalf
of Expert Village and I would like to tell you a little bit about the furniture that
we have chosen for this room. You can go and buy antiques at most any antique stores some
are pretty pricey some aren’t we just happen to be so fortunate as to have my husband’s
great great uncles piano in our family. Kernal goodnight was Ben’s great great uncle and
if you have seen Lonesome Dove, Lonesome Dove was actually based on the goodnight loving
trail he was trailblazer that moved cattle from the bottom south Texas up to Arizona
way up into the north. Well this is his piano we took it apart not to long ago and a year
in 1846 it still plays beautifully it’s decorated in the Victorian style. We are just so fortunate
as to be able to have Charlie’s goodnight piano, we can pair lots of items together.

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