How to Draw a Celtic Knot: The Triquetra, Step by Step

Hello, Tom McPherson here and welcome to my new Circle Line Art School video on How to Draw the Triquetra Celtic Knot, first draw an equilateral triangle, a simple triangle with equal lengths on each side, now draw cross in the center of this triangle, the next step is to draw a curve from one point of the triangle to the next point of the triangle, but you need to make sure that the curve goes all the way over the central cross, we can repeat this curve twice more between each point of the triangle, now, if we imagine that each of the curved line is a road, we can draw it as a double line, so the first double line makes bridge and then the double line underneath it is like a tunnel that goes underneath the bridge, at the next crossroads in this pattern make sure that the bridge becomes a tunnel, in this way we can work out the three overlapping areas for this celtic knot, there should be three bridges when complete! the next step is that each of these crossroads which has a bridge and tunnel, we can extend the roads to complete the design that we’re drawing, so each of the curved lines that we drew originally needs to become a double line so that the whole design has roads or double lines going all the way through it, next darken the lines of your Celtic Knot, and make the curved shapes smoother by erasing any bumps that you might have and redrawing them, the last step is to shade each side of the three bridges in the center of this Celtic Knot, with a graded tone, I use a 4B pencil that starts dark and then as pulls away from bridge it gets lighter, Thank you very much for watching! I hope you find it useful for your own drawings! Please check out the other videos and please subscribe to my youtube channel Circle Line Art School, for over 200 different how-to videos; thank you once again for watching and see you next time bye bye

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