How to Draw a Celtic Knot: The Triquetra with a Circle

Hi, Tom here with my second drawing of the Triquetra Celtic Knot, the first step in this drawing is to draw an equilateral triangle, just a simple triangle and each of the lengths of the triangle need to be equal and then we can just put a small cross or mark in the center of this equilateral triangle, next draw some big curves between each of the points of the triangle and each of the curver sort of goes looping over the the cross in the center, once we’ve done three of these curves, making sure that each one curves over the cross in the center, then we need to draw another curved next to the first of each of these three curves, making like double lines now each of these double lines needs to go around the original cross and the center of our triangle and they also need to stop before they reach the three points of our original triangle, now once we’ve got all of the double lines for the first three curves, we can draw a circle that is a bit smaller than the three points of the new curves that we have just drawn and then we can tidy up drawing a little bit here and erase some of the original triangle, next we can draw another circle inside the first circle, so that it has a double line, so it’s like a double circle, and then we can darken the top left double line to make a bridge and darken the double line that crosses under this bridge and then just erase the marks on the top of the bridge, so that it is clear, now for each of these junctions or crossroads we need to make a bridge and a tunnel so we need to work out which one is a bridge and which one is a tunnel, and then erase the lines on the bridge in the order in which I’m doing it, so that the lines can follow through, but you need to be careful to put the bridges in the right place, you might need to pause this video at each stage, because I found it, its straightforward as long as you get it right, as with a lot of things, but if you get it wrong it just goes to pot, so to do the bridges and the tunnels one by one, as long as you get each one right, it will work in the end, so it’s what I’m saying is it’s just not a good idea to and rush the stage because it is actually quite straightforward as long as you follow through, so here is another crossroads at the top of this drawing if you look at your drawing as it goes along you’ll see that each of the bridges in turn turns into a tunnel if you go on the road as it were… so that after a tunnel the next thing along will be a bridge then after bridge the next thing along will be a tunnel, and that’s the thing that makes it into a knot like pattern and now we can darken all of the lines of the road as it were, that are not already dark, here for example is a bridge I did not notice, so it’s time to draw that in, and then the last step in this drawing is too draw a graded tone on each side of each bridge and this will emphasize the effects of the weaving interlacing knot like pattern of this Celtic Knot… I hope you find this video useful for your own drawing and please subscribe to my YouTube channel, Circle Line Art School for over 200 free art tutorials Thank you very much for watching and see you next time, I put any video out every week Thank you very much!

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