How to find a vintage alligator handbag

today at Malena’s Vintage Boutique, we’re
going to talk about how to identify real and faux leather and real and faux
exotic skins today at Malena’s Vintage Boutique, we’re
gonna talk about how to identify real and fake skins and what’s the best fit
for you. this one in the front, just because it’s red doesn’t mean it’s a
fake. you’ll find a lot of exotic skins that have been colored. you’ll find red,
green, purple, definitely brown, and then secondary black are the easiest to find.
this is a real one. part of the damage is that this strap is missing, this is
really, really common. most of the straps tend to get really brittle. get creative!
go to your local craft store, go to a jewelry store, buy a chain, a ribbon and
put on your own strap. a lot of times you can even find a good shoe repairman and
they can put on another strap for you hopefully in the matching skin. this one
is real. this one is by a company called “Sterling”. A lot of times their logo has
an alligator on it. It’s an easy to find label, but they make good quality vintage
handbags. You can tell by the structure of this one, sometimes referred to as a
frame bag, is from the 1960s. In a real skin you’ll find a lot of
inconsistencies in the pattern of the scales. That’s because these were made
from nature and not a machine stamping out the vinyl fabric. These last two
examples are really really good fakes. They’re made from vinyl or like a
plastic that’s been stamped to a machine to look like a skin. These are definitely
great options for vegetarians and vegans they are eco-friendly, they’re also easy
to clean and will last a lot longer than a real bag. If you’re a rough on your
things, this is a much better option for you. When trying to identify a real or
fake bag, look at the details and the workmanship. If the clasp isn’t done that
well, if there aren’t any feet on the bottom, and if the side seams are moulded together, you’re probably looking at a vinyl piece. Smelling the item, although
may look weird, will definitely help out too.
A fake bag is going to smell like plastic. You can even rub it with your
finger a little bit to release the smell, similar to identifying bakelite. A real
exotic skin is going to smell like leather; sometimes they’ll even have a
bit of a musty smell. Look to see if any of the color is
coming off. Chances are if it is, it’s a real bag that has some wear. You can
cover this up with some shoe polish or have a professional do it. A fake bag
made out of vinyl won’t ever have this problem. Want to learn more about vintage
fashions? Check out our other videos website and Facebook page. Malena’s
Vintage Boutique.

5 Replies to “How to find a vintage alligator handbag”

  1. Cute video, but really not very complete or accurate. From what I understand, there are alligator, crocodile and cayman bags all made of reptiles, which all tend to be very expensive. Also manufacturers can print "scales" on cowhide etc. and then finally there are vinyl bags you call "fake". Also, from what I understand a real alligator skin is extremely durable and no plastic etc. can ever outlast it. Just my 2 c and good luck!

  2. 2:00 OK got it a fake vinyl bag will last longer then a genuine crocodile leather bag. Wow you learn some new every day 😂😂😂

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