How to Find Farmhouse Decor at the Thrift Shop

Hey, it’s Lisa from the blog Farmhouse On Boone and today I want to talk to you about farmhouse style items that I look for at the thrift shop. I have a post on the blog called Things I Look For for Farmhouse Style at the Thrift Shop and I actually went to a few thrift shops last weekend. And I wanted to show you first of all what I brought home and then just talk a little bit through what else I look for and what I have in my house that I’ve gotten from thrift shops, kind of the price point and what I look for in these items. First I’m gonna go through what I found this last weekend when we went out and about. First up is this crock. It has a broken off little handle thing here, quite a bit of wear, some aging. Which I like. And it was $2. So I would not pass up a piece of pottery like this. I don’t know that much about it or what year it was in but I know that this will look really pretty. Uh, it could look-be pretty with a few things sticking out the top or just as is. Definitely worth $2. I’m gonna use it to put all my built-ins in the living – In that same theme, because I wanted several things to put on my built-in bookshelves in my living room, I found this, um, doesn’t have the price on it anymore. I know it was less than $20. I couldn’t tell you exactly what it was. Um, this I actually found in an antique store which usually I don’t find things that are good enough deals for me there. But I know it was less than 20 bucks and so there was also a Labor Day sale and so I snagged it up. Because I like the color of it and I like the wear around the top and it just has – it’s uneven and looks like somebody handcrafted it. Again I was in a crock mood and the reason that I was in that mood is because I’m looking for things to put on my bookshelf, and I wanted some things that are off-white and in varying heights and textures so that it adds a little bit of interest. And then I also like that these are open so I can put things in them. Like maybe some wheat for the fall, flowers of course in the spring and some greenery for this Christmas. So those will look nice spread out on my bookshelf. Again, I don’t remember, I think this one might have been $9. None of them as great as a steal as this one. But this came from my favorite store which I always find good deals at. Okay. I bought some vintage ticking stripe which I would never pass this up even if I had no kind of plan for it. It has the- you can tell that its been around a while. It’s kind of aged looking, almost like a linen color. Uh and the blue. It was $4 for the pair so this can be some pillows or even it would look pretty in a quilt. I just definitely couldn’t pass it up. It would be great to reupholster some chairs with. And linens are one of my favorite things to find and bring back. I found this cutting board. It says “handcrafted”. I don’t know exactly when it’s from, um, I know it was I believe around $8. This will look pretty in the kitchen layered with some other antique cutting boards or cheese boards. And so I especially like the long handle and the square. Wouldn’t pass something like this up if I saw it. Obviously. So that was the last that I found this particular weekend. I snagged up several of these um, baskets but they came from World Market so not the thrift shop. Although they do look vintage which is why I got them. Oh, I did forget one more thing. So I’m playing around with this idea here on this stool. I found this crochet table topper for $2 and I orginally thought pillow. And then I came home and I thought it looked really pretty on my entryway bench so it might go there. But either way, somebody spent time crocheting this. It’s a beautiful color. It will add a cozy texture for fall and winter. Definitely excited to do something with it, even if it’s just putting it on this bench or making it into a pillow. I think it’ll look beautiful in my fall farmhouse. Other things on the list for the blog post that I have: iron stones. So I didn’t find any iron stone this weekend but I do see it an awful lot. Pieces like this. I go more in depth on the blog about what exactly to look for but you’ll usually see some labels on the bottom that’ll say like “iron stone china”. This one says “J&G Meakin Hanley, England”. So this is legitimate iron stone. I stole this. I didn’t really. But it was $3. It’s beautiful, it has a little detail around the top and it’s got some age on it but it’s just beautiful. These I don’t remember what I paid for them, but I usually won’t pay more than $20 for an item. You can find them pretty much all the time at antique stores but they’re usually pretty expensive. If I keep my eye out at my favorite places I can usually find them for $5-10. I believe these came in a set for about 10 bucks. But you can see the worn label of the antique iron stone and I love it when there’s browning. That’s my favorite thing. Patina, they call it. So this was a little set. And all of this stuff is gonna get arranged on my built-ins this fall. Uh, here’s another piece of antique iron stone. This is actually Homer Laughlin I have a one gallon pitcher by Homer Laughlin as well in my kitchen. I have a few little vintage clothespins in them. I use those mostly for photo styling but I think they’re pretty. The more things on the list: wooden boxes. I’m kind of picky now. Pickier than I used to be. I don’t really like a whole lot of painting and color. But I really like this one. I think it was just a couple bucks. And it falls apart. But I think it’s pretty. I like the color of it. I like that it looks old. And I wouldn’t pass up little boxes like this because they look really pretty, pretty much everywhere in a little vignette. I have quite a few of those kind of crates around the house and there’s more pictures on the blog. I talk about enamel wear. Which I need to grab a pitcher. This is an example of an enamel pitcher that I bought. I really love that it’s all just kind of chippy and it’s just pretty. I really like this. Go more in depth of other enamel pieces I look for. Something I don’t talk about in the blog post much is linens. I guess at the time I really wasn’t keeping my eyes peeled for linens. But I’ve fallen in love with them. So in a good example, would be right here on my bed. There is a beautiful handstitched embroidery pattern on this. Really pretty. And it has a crocheted edge all the way around. Something you really can’t find today. And I believe I even paid less than $10 for the set. Things like that and crocheted edges on napkins with embroidered patterns. Usually if they’re white or off-white, linen colored, I will get something like that. Vintage fabrics. Here’s a little iron stone piece that is J&G Meakin as well. And it’s got a blue pattern on it. I really like that. Add a little bit of color because I love adding blues and tans. As far as furniture goes I’ve definitely gotten more picky. I usually look for certain styles that I like. Um, I go a little more in depth on the blog post about how I choose. I don’t like pieces that are real curvy, I like straight lines. That’s just something I’ve learned from experience of what I like, how it looks in my house. Cause before you kind of get the eye for what you like, you might find yourself bringing home a lot of stuff that you think has a lot of potential and then you realize that the bare bones of it, the shape, just aren’t really gonna fit into your style even if you paint it and add, you know, your own personal touch. They’re just not the shape that you like. I always make sure, now, after definitely going through some pieces that were not nice and we ended up having to even throw one away that I’d paid pretty good money for, um, make sure it’s solid. No matter how much paint and nails you add to it, if it’s an old piece that just doesn’t have the structural stability anymore – it’s not really worth buying. No matter how pretty it is. So keep that in mind. Get familiar with the shape you like. Kinda study on Pinterest the style that you love and then what fits into that and you’ll get an eye too for what kind of furniture you should bring back home. I talked about crocks, iron stone, linens, furniture. What would you add to that? What kind of things do you look for at thrift shops to bring back to your home? If you love farmhouse style or any other style, what is it that you keep your eyes peeled for? You know, once you have experience with it, over several years, you realize how to separate what’s kind of junk and what’s great and what you’re gonna like to look at for years. And a lot of stuff I ended up just getting rid of because it wasn’t – it didn’t fit. It’s no longer in my style or maybe it never really was. You’ll get familiar with what the prices should be and all of that just kind of comes with experience. So head over to the blog. I give more tips, more pictures and add to the discussion over there. Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you’ll subscribe to my channel and I upload videos weekly on food from scratch, natural living, and a handmade home.

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  1. I love this!! I love linens and white dishes! Do you just go to Goodwill or do you have privately owned thrift stores you go to?

  2. I absolutely adore Farmhouse style ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–. You gave some excellent tips! I recently found a couple of Enamel bowls at the Thrift store. I totally did the happy dance ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿฝ in the aisles! I would love it if you did a Home Tour ๐Ÿก. Your bedroom is GORGEOUS!!! New subscriber ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

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  4. I am always on the lookout for ironstone, basket, tarnished silver and vintage sheets. Just found your channel today and this is the video I have watched but I am pretty sure I will be binge watching all of your videos within the day

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  6. This probably isn't your style. I was thinking that using crocks in a kitchen, breakfast nook, or dining room would be cute with vintage cloth napkins hanging out of them draped over the edge. Just a thought.

  7. I love to find hand pieced quilts, wooden picture frames (especially oval ones), mason jars, and books (always check for mildew). Some of my favorite finds at the antique are mismatched silverware. Great video. I'm a sucker for enamel, I love it.

  8. I am so happy I found your channel. You seem so sweet & genuine & I LOVE your decor. I am not a great decorator & slowly trying to transition my house to farmhouse decor; this video was really helpful & I canโ€™t wait to watch the rest & check out your blog!

  9. You have great taste. Love that you hardly have any repro items. Can you do cut away close ups of the items so we can see better?

  10. Your house is beautiful! I love finding vintage decor at the thrift store- there is an awesome vintage/thrift store in my area and they have great prices too.

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  12. For the last two years I have been on a old canning jar kick… I have decorated my kitchen with them… shelves located at my windows and top of my buffet.

  13. Hi Lisa, I'm also drawn to old crocks and decorating my home with a mix of old and new decor. Another place you can find some cool items are at estate sales go on and look for sales close to your home, a lot of fun and affordable.

  14. Hallo. New Subscriber from South Africa. Just love your channel and videos! I feel so inspired! We however do not have a Walmart, IKEA or Thrifty here so always need to think outside the box but wish we did! Beautiful family xx

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  16. I have been married for over 40 years and the one wedding gift that I never got tired off through all my decor preferences and changes was a set of antique spools! ย  You can never go wrong with antiques! ย (I tire of store bought decor items quickly so I seldom buy them anymore). ย  I LOVE antique jugs of any size, crocks, and I have collected restaurant china for years and use it every day… wicked durable as you can imagine. ย My very favorite things are usually made of metal or wood becauseย 
    they stand up to grandchildren and can always be fixed! ย  Driftwood is another favorite and free! ย Love your look, but we have two large dogs, so white would never work in my ย world.

  17. I especially like to find baskets and afghans at thrift stores. The husband left and took some of the afghans, so i had to replenish.

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  20. Found an off white beautiful complete bed sheet set today at my local thrift and paid $3! Also got a big & great quality basket to display/hide some every day items .99cents and several vintage metal storage containers for old 35mm slides for $5 each (but I sell vintage cameras & items like that on Etsy so that was a great find! Came home with some items stuck in my head, but I had to make todays visit quick because my son was with me and he got bored. I Love the thrill of the hunt!

  21. Just found you and already know I love your style, I'm in the U.K and I visit the local charity shop every day the turnover is fast,
    I only buy things in White, off white, gray and anything sort of neutral , same as you straight furniture only, I have subbed and will now binge watch all your vids, LOL

  22. Brand new to your channel but already love you. You have an old soul. I am simply amazed by you and your many talents. God bless you sweetie girl.

  23. If I cant use it I dont buy it. Utility is a must. I only sleep on linens and I only buy old linens. I love copper I also love glass. I have several old jars from the 30's that I keep sugar in and the others have beans or rice etc
    I dont understand buying things just because……………

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  26. I love linens, I have a cedar trunk my daughter built in high school full of my Nanas linens that I have a very fond memory of, when I was a very young girl I began my love for vintage and antique I would sit on the floor and Nana would pull out a price of linen one by one to show me and tell me who in the family past made it, such special special memories of my dear sweet Nana, someday perhaps I will be that Nana although right now I have two grandsons now if I had a trunk full of dump trucks and tractors Iโ€™d be golden! Weโ€™ll see what my life as a great grandmother someday will bring! Lol I have a very long time to wait for that

  27. They are absolutely beautiful mostly all handmade by greats and great greats, how awesome is that. Lace table clothes, apron, napkins chair arm covers and dish towels. I also have a blanket Nana made for my moms crib in1940 plus I have two handmade quilts that were always at the foot of the beds at Nanas. I want to have two cedar boxes made to store them in before they fall apart from age. Right now I have them hanging on stair railings you can see them when you come in my front door and stand in the foyer and look up I have a beautiful staircase with railing going all the way up and around the second floor the quilts look beautiful hanging up there but it scares me that they are so old and delicate

  28. I really enjoyed this video! Going to go watch more on your channel now!! I learned a lot from this video that I didnโ€™t know about a lot of things I recently bought on my last thrift farmhouse decor thanks๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’› I always look for tall long glass bottles, antique coffee pots, hanging shelfโ€™s, and of course wooden pieces

  29. I am a new subscriber.ย  I love your channel.ย  I don't have any kids or even a house (just a condo), but I love the healthy aspect of this channel, how you seem to be learning and creating and you seem to have never ending energy!ย  You have a really beautiful family, but what I love the most and what attracted me to your channel is that you paid off your house and are not going to build until you have the money!ย  I really admire that.ย  Very smart!

  30. I live in a hundred yrs old farmhouse and I look for pretty linens, depression glass baskets, churns, Crocks, coffee and tea pots, curtains

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  33. Light green glass, clear glass juicers and clear glass flower frogs. Also white ironstone, wood or bamboo bowls & trays and enamelware.

  34. Beautiful post, but in the bedroom? Will still follow but please get out of bedroom. All today's vlog was kitchen stuff…
    Maybe a kitchen location would of fit the decor โค

  35. I was given an enamel pitcher that our church was just going to throw away! I'm so happy to have it on our entryway shelf. I love thrifting. I think my favorite find was a porcelain top kitchen table. It was in the corner with the legs off and probably ten years worth of dirt on it. I thought I might have to paint it but it would be worth it. I spent three hours cleaning it and putting it together and it's absolutely gorgeous! No painting needed ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. I look for antiques that have wear and character for sure. I love big Crocks. My mom use to have huge Crocks that we made sauerkraut in. It took days to make, but oh so good. Sure did stink up the basement. Lol. But I find antique stores almost want what pieces are valued at. And they won't wheel and deal. Lol. All my linens and antique dishes have been in the family. Got one piece of furniture that's unique. My Grandfather took the wooden panels off of a old TV set. And made a table. So different. Keep up the good work on your channel.

  37. Good teams. The table topper I would make your bed there with a bit a bit of the topper material and put on your head board. Pray you have a healthy baby. God bless. ๐Ÿ™

  38. Don't forget Ebay…don't be afraid to send sellers offers. The worst they can say is No. lol. I get lots of awesome things at thrift stores and ebay.

  39. Found you today, and love your farmhouse style. I'm more coastal farmhouse, but the things you pick up work with both. Keep up the good vlogs!

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