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Changing a bathtub spout is
a fun and simple DIY project. Here’s how to do it. First determine which type of spout you
have, either a thread-on or set screw style. Look to see if there’s a hole or opening
on the underneath side of the spout. This usually indicates
a set screw model. If you don’t see an opening
or feel a small hexagon screw, it’s most likely a thread-on. In addition to your
new tub spout, you’ll also need to gather
these tools and supplies. First, place a towel in
the tub to help protect it. Now, remove the spout by scoring
the caulking with your box cutter and then turning the
spout counterclockwise. Pliers can be used in the
removal process if needed. Remove any old sealant residue. If your new spout needs a longer
pipe nipple, remove the old one. Next, wrap Teflon tape around both ends
of the new, longer pipe nipple threads three times in a clockwise manner. Thread the new pipe nipple into the
90 degree elbow within the wall. Turn clockwise until tight. Now, thread the new tub spout onto
the pipe and turn clockwise until hand tight against the wall. Then turn on the water
to flush out any debris. Finally, apply a small
amount of caulk in a color that coordinates with your tub. Excess caulk can be cleaned
with water and a soft rag. That’s all there is to changing
a thread-on bathtub spout and upgrading the look of your bathroom. And thank you for shopping
at The Home Depot.

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