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– Well, this is going to be
somewhat of a new video guys. This is Nick here at the Detail Garage. We’ve got Arthur, we’ve got Henry who are packing away Santa’s Sled but we have a quick tip on how to restore your exterior trim as
well as your side steps. So this Toyota 4Runner came into the shop and the owner of it,
she drives it everyday, and we recently had some rain which collected a lot of dirt and mud on top of the side step here. So were just gonna show you
a real quick, simple way to remove the dirt as well as protect it to prevent any kind of
future damage or staining. So let’s get started. (electric bass) So to begin, we’re just
going to use some Nonsense which is an all purpose cleaner that you can use on interior
and exterior surfaces as well as one of our
large all detail brushes. Simply spray it into the surface and also onto what you’re working on. And then what we’re
gonna do it activate it or help agitate it to get
that foaming action going, and this releases the dirt that’s in the pores of the surface. I know a lot of you guys
who have off-road vehicles or even daily driven vehicles that have these kind of
exterior trim pieces. They get muddy or they get stained and it’s hard to revive
that deep glossy finish so this is basically what we’re going for. To remove the dirt and extract any kind of foreign material, and the
brush helps to do that without having to scrub with
a sponge or using a towel. It’s going to help to lift off of any kind of contamination, ’cause one, we need it be really clean before we put on any kind of dressing, but also to remove any kind
of stains or any light scuffs. You gotta get all the
dirt off of it to begin. And the brush helps to do that with its mild, abrasive bristles. (scrubbing) Just going to clean micro towel and wipe off the sped product. All the dirt that was
sitting on top of there. (clanging) What was that? You wanna make sure it’s thoroughly dry before you put on any
kind of dressings either, because a lot of people wonder why their dressings don’t last or they seem to run off or get slippery. It’s because the surface
either wasn’t prepped right or it wasn’t dried all the way thoroughly. So using a clean micro towel or even two if necessary is recommended so that you can get all
this sped product off as well as any kind of dirt or grime that we were just cleaning away. This way you can get
that long lasting finish. And since this is a side step, which is not necessarily a control surface but it’s something that people step on, we don’t want this to be slippery. So I’m going to use a
water based dressing, which is VRP which stands for Vinyl, Rubber, and Plastic, and it’s an interior and
exterior dressing for basically anything around the vehicle. This gives it more of a natural look but it’s going to protect it against harmful UV rays or harsh elements, but also revives that deep glossy finish. So I’m just going to apply a couple lines to the applicator pad. That should be plenty. Start by spreading it out, and then we’ll spread it over the surface. And you’re working it into
the plastic or the vinyl or whatever you’re working on basically. And it will absorb it. And as long as it was prepped properly, this will last a couple of weeks. You can reapply as
necessary or multiple coats. Now you have that deep gloss finish which is going to repel
any kind of harmful UV rays to again, help it look its best, but also prevent any kind of damage like discoloration, or cracking over time. I’ll take off the tape
here to give you guys that before and after. A little 50/50. Oh my goodness gracious. And there you have it guys. I know this is a pretty short video but this is a quick
tip that anybody can do and it’s something we
probably all overlook ’cause you know, we get busy with the exterior of the vehicle
will look really nice and then things like
this get overlooked so if you haven’t done this already, this is a great idea. Especially with winter coming up, we’re gonna have road salt or any kinda really harmful elements beating down on your exterior trim so it would keep it from cracking, and discoloring or fading. So
if you guys like this video be sure to give it a thumbs up and drop your comments down
below for future videos. If you wanna check out these products head over to our website, or
your local detail garage and we’ll see you next time. (electronic bass) (electric keyboard) So also, what we’ve never done before guys is I know we dressed this side but we left this side
dirty for the comparison but I’m gonna clean it just to
show you what it looks like, even when there’s no dirt on the surface. Again with the Nonscents, and although this bottle looks full its actually been diluted 10:1 for a cleaning job such as this. (piano continues) And also if you’re wondering
how to dilute this, these bottles have a
ratchet style locking neck. So basically just squeeze
the side of the neck together and that’s going to unlock the ratchet and then you unscrew as normal and you can dilute it to
whatever desired dilution ratio. Just take this towel here. (wiping) So now you have dirty, you have clean and dry, and
then you also have dressed. So this will give you a
little bit of perspective of what exactly the dressing is doing. It’s not only making it look better, looking deeper and darker, but its also going to protect against those harmful UV rays, and it’s also going to help
it last as long as possible. (electric beat)

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