How To Get Started on Your First Furniture Painting Project With Country Chic Paint

Hi there, it’s Rosanne here from Country Chic Paint. I know firsthand how intimidating it can be to get started on a project especially if you’re new to furniture painting I always find myself second-guessing my color choices and worrying that it won’t turn out the way I had in mind It can be very easy to be hard on yourself but I promise you with our easy-to-use products and tutorials you can create beautiful furniture right in your own home I realize you might be nervous to get started. There’s no need! We have lots of tutorials and tips to help you overcome your fears. Our retailers have some ideas for you as well to help you get started Hi, I’m Kari Frazer from ReLoving Furniture in Victoria, BC. We paint every day here at ReLoving and we love to share with you what we learn along the way. If you’re new to furniture painting and maybe a little bit nervous, what I recommend you first do is go to the Country Chic website and take a look at some of the tutorials on video take a look at some of the blog postings and learn what you can that way and then look at your local retailer and take some workshops. At ReLoving Furniture our workshops are designed for you to be able to play with all the paint colors layer all the different colors together find out what you may want to use on your project and learn a number of different techniques such as layering different colors. We also teach about using all the different color waxes because there’s a load of different color waxes and you can get different effects such as this one is Devotion and this is before wax and this is after using dark wax so to hands-on to be able to play with all the different products and learn what you might want to do with your first project at home that is the best thing. Also think about doing a small project at first such as a tool tote something like this rather than attempting a dining room suite. Start with little successes and move on from there Good luck! Hi, I’m Dana Smith of Daine’s & Daubney in Wainwright, AB I love painting furniture because I’m passionate about salvaging and painting salvaged pieces gives you a sense of accomplishment that you’ve turned something rather discarded into something new and beautiful. I have to admit that when I’m painting it can be quite therapeutic and I can get lost for hours in my own head The best advice I have to give to someone who’s new to painting or nervous about getting started would be to practice on some cheaper things first Maybe practice on some old frames you have kicking around, use a discontinued color that might be on sale at your local Country Chic Paint retailer or surely there’s something that’s kicking around this destined for the landfill You have nothing to lose! Give painting that a try. Hi, I’m Julie Zielinski and I’m Stacey Fahrenbruch We’re the Salvage Sister’s & Co. out of Omaha, NE we love painting furniture because it’s an easy way to make a quick and dramatic transformation to an old piece of furniture. If you’re new to furniture painting I would suggest that you just buy a can and go for it you really cannot mess up with this paint. Sometimes I get halfway through and think that I’ve ruined it. I just keep going and it turns out amazing. My favorite pieces are the pieces that I didn’t know what I was doing If you’ve never tried painting furniture I recommend that you start with Country Chic’s All-in-One paint. This is a pint and this would do a dresser size probably with some leftover and the reason I recommend All-in-One and use it for all our beginner workshops is that it’s very forgiving. It has a built-in primer and a matte finish but it also adheres better than any other paint I’ve used and it distresses better than any other paint I use. Most rewarding is at the end if you do a light sand to your piece it can feel like butter. That tactile experience is very rewarding. I also love that it’s low VOC and I think that’s really important for our health and the health of our community is to stick with paints that are no VOC and low VOC so try it Hi, I’m Cait from Little City Farmhouse If you’re working on your first piece of furniture and you’re a little nervous my number one tip would be to watch the tutorials on Country Chic’s website to walk you through every step of painting your furniture from beginning to end You’ll have no problems at all My other tip will be to read the blog You’ll get lots of tips from other painters on what to do how to do it from start to finish. Good luck! Hi, my name is Danie Leever, I’m the owner of the Best of What’s Around in Fortville, IN just north of Indianapolis. The piece of advice that I find myself giving most often in his shop is that there’s no wrong in terms of there’s no such thing as too much distressing or too little distressing you can’t use too many different colors you can’t choose the wrong color to match something that you have already in your home it’s just fun and it’s just one of those things that comes down to it’s just personal preference. If you like that color use that color and it’ll work because you loved it and you’ll be proud of the work that you’ve done and you’ll love the distressing that you’ve done and what you do is something different than somebody else and that’s the best part about using this kind of paint is that it’s personal and that it’s going to be yours and it’s going to be beautiful. I hope there were some helpful tips in there for you most of us have pieces at home that could use a new coat of paint but perhaps you’re looking for a particular piece of furniture to paint you don’t know where to find it or maybe you’ve already found a beautiful piece but you don’t know if it’s a good project to tackle. Here’s some advice that might help you with your hunt. I wanted to share with you one of my favorite places to find furniture to paint I’m online a lot on local buy and sell groups. You find them on Facebook or places like Kijiji in Canada. One of my absolute favorite places to find furniture to paint that’s low cost is garage sales. Were right in the middle of garage sale season here. The summer months are the best months here to find great pieces at a great price so my favorite thing to do is just load up the kids grab a girlfriend a coffee and spend a Friday afternoon or Saturday out running around to garage sales picking up really great pieces. We love to hunt for furniture pretty much anywhere we look on Craigslist, we look on we go to garage sales, estate sales and sometimes we get lucky with a little curbside freebies so you just never know Well because we have a storefront people tend to come to us and there’s a real richness of things that people are perhaps downsizing and they’re hoping that someone will relove them and I think the nature of the name ReLoving Furniture is that we get people every day and we’re happy to take those projects on. I think you could do the same thing once you get the word out to your friends and family that you’re painting furniture the furniture will come to you. Just let them know. Lots of people have furniture waiting to be reloved. When hunting for furniture we always look for a good solid piece that doesn’t necessarily need repairs done. We’re not in the repair business so as long as it’s solid, has lots of character pretty much we can find things anywhere There’s three things we look for in a piece of furniture at ReLoving Furniture. We like pieces to have longer legs some elegance to them, we like them to have carvings or embellishments such as this something that we can work with with our distressing with waxing with glazing and we liked it to have some uniqueness that is also functional but something that will be really eye-catching for the public because we’re selling of course. We want that unique furniture but we can often take a plainer piece and make it really pop with color combinations with the Country Chic Image Transfer we can take a picture, an image, a photograph even and put it onto a piece of furniture. We love to use the different glazes that they have to add depth to a piece and we do things with waxes as well and hardware. Some amazing hardware can change your piece so you can start with something plain, an ugly duckling and really make it something incredible and that’s half the fun is the before and after pictures so don’t forget to take the before-and-after and celebrate There’s some things that you may want to avoid when you first start painting furniture. Some things that make it harder to paint successfully, and that is when a piece has lots of oils in the wood such as the mahogany piece here it has lots of pinks that might come out especially when you’re painting in lighter colors and in this case there are steps you could take you could shelac one or two coats first and then go ahead and paint If you’re still getting pink, shelac again, but that’s a step that you may not want to take when you first start painting. The same goes for if a piece is have got stains like ink stains on a desk or perhaps a little bit smelly from mold or from smokers then you need to take the steps with shelac as well and it’s just nice to start with a nice clean piece. Also if the the pieces maybe a little bit old and broken such as the drawers don’t work really well then it’s tougher to feel really successful with a piece so avoid maybe oily woods like mahogany, stained woods and furniture that’s maybe a little bit broken and you will fast-track your way to success What we hear a lot is that one of the toughest parts of getting started on a project is simply finding the time to do it It can be very easy to put things off and leave unfinished projects forgotten in the garage but our retailers have some suggestions to help you avoid that Finding time to paint can definitely be a challenge especially if you have little ones at home, or maybe you work full time I have two kids but they go to school so I paint full-time during the days Oftentimes you can finish a project in an evening though if you don’t have the days to do it Country Chic Paint dries really fast Their All-in-One Decor Paint is your paint, primer, topcoat in one so you don’t even have to do any work after you’re done painting it unless you want to sand it if you want to go the extra mile and put a top coat on the regular formula you can often still get your project done in one evening even afternoon If you want to get started on painting your furniture at home and you don’t feel you have the time, I suggest that you put it down into steps. So one evening you might do the preparation; you take off the hardware, you’ll give it a light sanding, a vinegar water wash and you’re ready to go. The next evening you might paint one or two coats and until you’re fine with the coverage and then leave it and the evening after that you might do a bit of distressing or put a topcoat such as wax or Tough Coat and put the hardware back on and you’re done! And don’t forget to take the before-and-after pictures At ReLoving Furniture it usually takes a couple of hours to finish the average dresser It’s all about planning. If we plan out the piece and not just wing it then we know because we usually have 4 to 5 pieces or more going at a time then we know that we can get it done in the best, most efficient time. So we look at a piece and we think about what kind of preparation it needs; what kind of cleaning and fixing it might need, if we’re putting new hardware on or painting the existing hardware, if it needs a coat of shellac to seal in oils or stains and we know that’s the prep. We’ve decided on the colors based on the style, based on the market and maybe the color of the wood and what kind of techniques. Does the piece asked us to distress or keep a nice clean line so we decide on that If we’re going to use layers of colors or just one and then the finish. Is it a high-use piece such as a tabletop or a kid’s piece of furniture? If so we’ll Tough Coat it. Otherwise we usually wax it and we could use colored wax or plain but we know that out ahead of time. We actually write it out and at ReLoving if I’ve worked one a little bit on a piece and the next person comes in that the staff they continued it and we have lots of fun learning off each other like that. But it comes down to planning and you could finish a dresser in only a couple of hours with proper planning A dresser usually takes us about three to four hours. That includes taking off all the hardware, painting it, putting all the hardware back on, sanding, buffing, waxing done 3 to 4 hours. When it comes to finding time to paint that’s what we love about Country Chic Paint is that it’s non-toxic, we can paint inside oftentimes I paint when my kids are sleeping because it’s quiet and I don’t have to worry about all my little helpers We hope you’ll find some helpful tips in these video segments to help give you the confidence to get started on your first or your next project. Make sure you stay tuned for our upcoming video on how to choose paint colors. If you liked this video please leave a comment or click the like button we also encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you don’t miss out on any of our upcoming tutorials. To find out more about our products and where you can find them please visit our website, and if you don’t have a retailer near you you can also order right online Thank you so much for watching and happy painting!

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