How to Give Your Jewelry an Antique Oxidized Look with Liver of Sulfur Patina-Friday Findings

Hi there, welcome to another Friday Findings
video. Many times on my blog and in these videos I have mentioned patinaing pieces of
jewelry with liver of sulfur. So today I thought I would just show you real quick how you can
do that yourself. It sounds intimidating and scary but it’s really not. What you will need
are three plastic containers; these are just containers I think that had cheese dip in
them, I just cleaned them out thoroughly and now they are dedicated to this use; and the
first thing that you will need to do before you patina your jewelry is clean it and this
is just a mixture of ammonia and some dish soap and water and by the way the patina gel
does come with an instruction sheet telling you how much to mix and I just use a toothbrush
and scrubbed my pieces of jewelry with this soap and ammonia and water mixture because
grease spots, finger prints will inhibit the liver of sulfur from working, so that’s your
first step. You also want to have ready another tub with a neutralizing bath. Now I have read
in places that because liver of sulfur isn’t an acid, it doesn’t need to be neutralized.
However, the instruction sheet that came with my liver of sulfur says to do this, so I am
going to, and this is just a cup of water and a tablespoon of baking soda and I have
dissolved the baking soda thoroughly. And then the final thing is your liver of sulfur. Now
I have to warn you, this is stinky, it’s sulfur, it smells like rotten eggs; so I usually do
this outdoors, nobody is home today to complain about the stink, so I am going to do it indoors
next to an open window. So what I have in here is some very hot but not boiling water
and I am just going to take my patina gel and add in 4, 5, 6 drops. The good news for
me is that I can’t smell and it should be a nice lemon yellow and then here’s a couple
earrings that you will be seeing in an upcoming video. I’m just going to add one right now
for contrast, and these you have seen in a previous video and again these I’ve patinaed
and polished up the high points, but I thought I would throw one in just to show the difference
between the silver and the copper and if you look you can see the silver is already turning
a dark color, but we want it black. The copper goes a lot faster. So you just leave them in
there; it’s a good idea to keep it as warm as possible, because as it cools down it starts
to work more slowly. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to be using sterling
silver if you want to it give it a patina. If you use fine silver, that is nearly 100%
silver and it won’t tarnish, but sterling silver has a small percentage of copper in
it and that is actually what is in the silver that tarnishes, is that copper. So that is interesting
to know. So you can see it hasn’t been very long and already this has gotten quite black,
but I am going to leave these for about 10 minutes and then I’ll be back.
Alright so it’s been about 10 minutes and let’s see what we’ve got. Notice I’m using
a wooden stick here. Just something neutral, wood or plastic, and look at that, see how
dark it’s gotten, I’m happy with that and the copper piece too. So I’m all set with
that so I’m going to put these in the neutralizing bath, swish them around a little and then
take them out on some paper towel and I’m just going to give these a quick rinse in
some plain water. So here they are side by side, you can really see the difference. Keep
in mind that this patina may affect some of your stones or pearls or beads and you might
want to do a quick test and check if you have something precious. You might want to look
it up online. I noticed these pearls are a little discolored, but my pink stone here
is just fine and these red wooden beads are just fine.
The final step is to take a pro polish pad and polish up the high points and I will leave
links to the pro polish pads and the patina gel on the blog post that accompanies this
video. So this you can see, just take a little time, polish up all the high points leaving
the patina in the recesses. And as you can see with a little bit of work, you get a really
nice contract where all of your detail work shows nicely. This one will look like this
one, once I am done polishing it again with all the darkness down in the spaces in between
the wires. So I hope you found this helpful and you will consider giving your jewelry
a patina sometime in the near future. Thanks so much for watching Keepsake Crafts’
videos. If you like this video, please be sure to subscribe to my channel so you see more like it and also check out my blog Up on the screen are a couple more videos
you might enjoy and these are projects that would benefit from the use of liver of sulfur;
so thanks for watching, happy creating, bye-bye.

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