How to Glaze Pottery : Decorating Clay Pottery: Glaze Dripping

Now I’m going to talk about making accents
of color by dripping glaze. What I’ve done is I’ve taken this pot and I’ve dipped it
in this color of glaze. I’ve allowed it to dry. Now I’m going to take my little Tupperware
old school egg separator or any kind of handled funnel, I’m going to mix up my glaze really
well, and now the way that you make a really nice drip across a pot, you’re going to fill
up your funnel and allow this to drip, and as you drip it across the pot, you’re going
to turn the bowl so that it gets a nice, even line across the bowl. And now we’re going to have a different accent
of color through the middle of there. And you can even add another one. And just give
yourself a little bit more. And you can do this with different colors. You can layer
them on top of each other and achieve a whole bunch of really fantastic results this way.

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