How to Install a Gate Spring | Mitre 10 Easy As

A Gate That Closes By Itself is Really A must because a gate That’s Accidentally Left Open Can be an Invitation for unwanted types to come in and it Could Also Allow for young Kids and [Pits] to Escape and you Don’t want that There’s an Easy Fix [I’ll] show you how to install a gate Spring so your gate will Shut by Itself Right The first Thing you want to know when you’re Putting on your gate spring Is what Side of the gate You’re Putting it on? Now you always want [to] put it on the Hand Side Most Situations your gate will have a frame that [goes] right Around the whole Thing and This Particular Situation it doesn’t have one so i’m going to [actually] attach my gate spring to my hinge so all i’m going to do is remove that Screw and Put That Straight in Then Attach it Down the Bottom now the gate Spring Itself has an Adjustment at The Head at the Top here [I] just want to Make sure that always sits at the top So all you do is Throw some Screws them Down the Bottom Make Sure that Those Brackets Are sitting Nice and Even Now I’m just going to Pre-Drill A hole Through our Steel hinge Just to allow for our Screw to go Through Now all, We want to do Is put in our Little rivet and The Bottom of our gate Spring? Now we’ve Got this Little Pension Bar This is Actually going to Crank in your Tension on your spring so we Just want to set? That in the holes and What we’ll do Is [just] Crank it Around A few Times and then We’ll put in our rivet and We’ll Just do A test To See, how, well the gate Shuts With That Tension? That’s Lovely Now if This was a pull gate There is a Counselor Regulation that the gate Spring Would have to close the gate Within a Hundred Millimeters of the gate [Beam] Opening so give that a try Marvelous Done Now we’ve got a gate That’ll Shut by [Itself] and Help Keep the place more [secure]

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  1. Perfect! You explained everything so clearly and told me everything that I needed to know (including how to remove the hinge screw and attach on top of the hinge). I'm pleased to say I have now attached my own gate spring … and it works!

  2. What about the noise and vibration created by the 'gate slam' or 'concussion'? This is very annoying especially if the gate is close to the house or the neighbour's house. You also need something to stop that.

  3. can you tell me what side of the gate does the spring mount for an outward swinging gate. I ran into the gate wanting to stay open approximately 4-5 inches. wih the spring on the hinge  side.  does the spring stay on the inside of the gate?

  4. Great video. Apparently ozzie ironmongery is much better than English!? Mine from crappy England's 'BnQ' comes with weak tiny flat head screws that shear straight away and the rivit has the tiniest insert and massive head which only allows you to do a quarter turn before pinging out!? 😡 so angry right now!! Lol

  5. Watched this video a few times, helped loads as we now have a self closing gate. Thanks for your guidance

  6. I put one of these on my gate and it worked for about two months. Just get an extension spring and be done with it.

  7. I am having no joy at all with this. My gate opens the other side and no matter what I try – all it does is OPEN the gate – not close it 🙁
    I have put the top bracket on the post and the bottom one on the gate – as directed by the [very poor] instructions which came with the spring.
    I've tried screwing the tension both left AND right – and both ways the gate just opens. Where am I going wrong?

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