How to Install a Hidden Kill Switch in your Car or Truck (Cheap Anti Theft System)

Hey guys! ChrisFix here, and today I’m
going to show how to install a hidden kill switch in your car or your truck. And the whole point of this kill switch is to
prevent somebody from stealing your car. Even if they have your keys, if the kill switch
is activated, they won’t be able to start the car. They can try to hotwire the car, they can try
to jumpstart your car, push start it. This kill switch is going to prevent the car
from starting no matter what. The only way to steal your car is going to
be to tow it! And the best part is this is an inexpensive
thing to install. It’s going to cost less than $10, and it’s
going to take less than an hour. It’s super simple, it works on most vehicles. Even if you already have an alarm system,
this can work along with it. And it’s unfortunate that I even have to
make this video. I live in a pretty nice development. It’s pretty quiet here, everybody’s pretty
friendly. But recently, we’ve been having a lot of
break-ins. People are getting into cars broken into,
they’re getting stuff stolen out of them, There’s a few cars that have been stolen
from neighborhoods nearby. My buddy saved up for a long time to get
one of his favorite cars, a Honda S2000 in pristine condition, only to have it stolen and parted out a few
days later. Not only was he heartbroken about his car
getting stolen, but that feeling of helplessness and getting
taken advantage of by a criminal was horrible! Think of this relay as an on/off switch. When you put your key in the ignition and
turn it to the RUN position to start your car, the computer is telling the fuel pump relay
to turn on, and that is supplying power to the fuel
pump. Alright, so with our switch in, that works absolutely perfect. That’s so good. Now we can go and install this back in the
car. And back in the car, we need to run some
wire. We’re using 16-gauge wire. And we need to run it from right about here all the way under the dash to our fuel pump
relay. So I’m going to put the wire on the shifter
since that’s about where it’s going to end up. And it also makes it easier for us to run it
all the way to the relay. So make sure you have enough wire, then
we can cut it. And since we need 2 wires, use the wire
you just cut to measure the second wire. And we can cut it to the same length. Now let’s strip the ends of the wires. Add heat shrink to both wires. Then add the female spade connector and
crimp it. Then do the same for the other wire as
well. Finally, move the heat shrink over the entire
connector and use a heat gun to shrink the heat
shrink. Perfect, and I always like to run wires in a
wire loom to protect it from chafing. So just press the wires into the loom, and
work it all the way to the end of the loom. Good, now we can run our wires. Let’s snake this back behind the center
console area so it’s hidden and out of the way. Then we can connect our switch to each of
the connectors. Don’t worry, the order you connect these in
is not important. Just make sure the connection is good and
tight. And I’m going to add some electrical tape
to each connector to make sure it’s extra secure, and it’s shielded so it doesn’t
ground out by mistake. OK, so slide the loom all the way up to the
back of the switch so the wires are protected. Good. And finally, we can snap our center console
back into place and get the shift knob on. And let’s try out this switch… Beautiful! That is such a perfect spot for a kill switch! OK, now let’s finish running our wire to the
relay so we can try this out. Now when you’re running your cable down
here, you want to be very careful. You don’t want to get in the way of the
clutch, the brake, or the accelerator pedal. So you want to make sure this is up and
out of the way. So let’s get it up and over that metal brace, then up and over the steering column, and finally, tuck it behind the fuse box back
by the relay. And now with the wiring harness up and
out of the way, so it won’t get in the way of anything like
the pedals, we can connect our kill switch to the wires
that go to the relay. So here we’re going to use crimp butt
connectors. And when using these, you want to make
sure the copper goes all the way in. You don’t want any copper exposed like
that. If the copper sticks out into the clear area,
cut it and make sure the copper goes all the way in, just like that. Then we can crimp that side of the
connector. And finally, give it a good tug. Make sure this crimp is tight and the wire
won’t come out. And that’s in there good. Now let’s crimp the other side, and it’s the same process. Push the wire all the way in, then crimp it, and finally, we can heat shrink both sides
with the heat gun. So with that side done, now let’s go do the
other side. We’re going to follow the same exact
process, get that crimp connector in there, make sure there’s no copper showing, crimp down on it nice and tight, and then double-check to make sure it’s in
there good, and that is not budging. Now we can do the same thing to the wire
back here. And you can see right away the copper end
is WAY too long, so let’s trim it. Then add the butt connector. Perfect, crimp the connector nice and tight. Then do the pull test, and that’s not going
anywhere! So let’s heat shrink it for a waterproof seal, and the last thing I want to do is wrap the
harness in electrical tape to make it neat. Finally, we can push the connector into the
relay, and make sure you hear a click. Like that. Also, don’t forget to reconnect the negative
cable of the battery so we can test out our kill switch. Alright, with that battery connected, I didn’t
install the center console because if there’s any issues, it makes it easier, we just have
to pull this out to make sure we can fix whatever the issue
is. I don’t plan on there being any issues, but
it’s a good practice when you’re working on cars, don’t put everything back together
until you test it out. And that’s what we’re about to do right
now. Moment of truth, we’re in neutral. I think the switch is deactivated, so it
should be ready to start up. [Engine starts] Alright, it starts right up. Foot off the clutch, and we’re good to go. Now I’m going to shut the car. I’m going to flip our kill switch. And I’m going to start her back up. [Engine cranks] Woo, baby! Now that is what I’m talking about, and a criminal is going to be like, “What
the heck?!” “Why won’t it start?” [Engine cranks] Pumpin’ the gas, nothing. Flip that kill switch. [Engine starts] Starts right up! Oh man, that is exciting! So let’s finish this install up by adding our
last center console piece. And there’s a screw in here I’m going to
tighten down to hold the console in. Perfect, with the center console in, our kill
switch is in. Going to activate that so nobody can go
and start my car. We are done installing the kill switch, and
there is one more thing to do. And that is to install a home security
system to protect my tools, to protect my car, basically everything in
my garage. And it’s actually pretty cool how I got this
security system. I posted on my Instagram asking you guys
what do you do for security systems in your car to prevent your car from getting
stolen because of all these break-ins. And SimpliSafe actually commented on my
post and they sent me out this entire home security system, so thank you SimpliSafe
for supporting this video and sending me out an entire security system. So now let’s get this installed real quick. And the goal obviously is to protect the
garage and the new vehicle that I’m going to be putting in the garage, also the
vehicles outside. And this is very easy to set up. If you can put a kill switch in your car, you
can easily add another effective and reliable layer of security. Especially with these motion sensors and
this glass break sensor. And the feature that I’ve been wanting real
bad is a security camera. and then I have a security system ready to
go. And the reason why besides people
breaking in recently, The reason why I did this… …was because I ended up buying my
dream car! This mid-engine beast with AWD is
something I’ve wanted since I was a little kid, and I had to protect it. And I will unveil my dream car in my next
video, so stay tuned for that. If the video was helpful, remember to give
it a thumbs up. If you’re not a subscriber, consider hitting
that subscribe button and turn on that notification bell for more how to videos like
this. And as always, all the tools and products I
used in this video are linked in the description. Stay tuned!

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  1. I hope this video was helpful and you guys never have one of your vehicles stolen! If you install a kill switch, be sure to tag me on Instagram @ChrisFixit so I can share your post!
    By the way, make sure you watch till the end for my "dream car"!!! Sooooo Pumped to show you guys that!
    Security System:
    Automatic Wire Strippers:

    Crimping Pliers:

    On/Off Switch:

    Heat Shrink Butt Connectors:

    16 Gauge Wire:

    Spade Connectors:

    Inexpensive Multimeter:

  2. His neighbors must be pretty pissed with all the cars in the driveway. He looks to be living in an upscale neighborhood. I'm surprised the CCR's don't prohibits that many vehicles.

  3. 7:51 It doesn't matter if you are going to share your spot or not, people can still bypass your kill switch by cutting the Wire going to the relay. If they are inside the car and they don't know where the fuel pump relay is located, they can still look up the owners manual that is located somewhere in the car for the relay.

  4. J'ai peur que à force de manipuler le "kill switch" le soufflet du levier de vitesse finisse par s'user et se déchirer … Personnellement j'aurais mis in bout de gaine thermo pour mois que ça frotte.

  5. I have an old truck with a two key ignition setup even if they could start it the whole neighborhood would hear it .

  6. Ultimate theft deterrent: remove the battery from the car every time you leave. Sure you have to carry around a heavy battery all day but At least your car won't get stolen

  7. Simplisafe however you spell it is a terrible piece of safety technology. Someone can go and buy a 2 dollar device off of amazon and break into your house without setting off any alarms whatsoever. I think for your sake, you should buy maybe some cameras or something because simplysafe just isnt reliable

  8. What do you think of those anti-theft brake locks? I was thinking of putting it on the clutch in addition to the kill switch. Or do you think it would be easier to just upgrade to an alarm system? (Love the del sol! Watching this because thinking of purchasing one)

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    "Just flip the switch and it instantly injects a deadly neurotoxin into whoever stole your car"

  12. Make sure your cameras and hub are wired and not dedicated on a wifi network. Although illegal a cheap wifi jammer will deactivate your security system.

  13. also a tip to not getting your car stolen is to smash out all the windows so they cant break the windows cause there is none

  14. @ChrisFix Please be alert and aware that criminals can and will learn from this to find your kill switch, always lock your car.

    Also, I have an idea for a video: How to install a magnetic lock inside the door and on the chassis of the car, so that the only way to get in, is with a security key that demagnetizes the locks when you hover the key over a certain area.

    I used to live in a couple of apartment blocks that had a magnetic lock on the entry gate, and in the elevator, and sometimes even on the gate 3 feet out of the apartment out the front.

    I think this is a brilliant idea for a video, I certainly felt secure when using the security key ?????

  15. Mate this videos perfect it's so clean clear straight-to-the-point this is perfect I never knew how to place a kill switch in a car now I do thanks buddy

  16. Nice, I made in my bike for same reason but I give you an advice, don't put 2 male or 2 female near the switch, if it brokes you became mad a lose a lot of time. Just put one female and one male on the cable, if your switch broke you can isolate in a second

  17. This video is genius!!!!! I was wanting to do this for a long time. Can you do this same type of concept to a motorcycle?

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