How to Install a Kenmore Dryer Gas Valve Coil Kit

The gas valve coils open the gas valves while
a gas dryer is running. Weak coils can open the valves during the initial lighting sequence
from a cold start. If the dryer heats initially but then stops heating for the rest of the
cycle, the problem is usually the gas valve coils. Before you begin, wear work gloves
to protect your hands. Unplug the dryer. Shut off the gas. Pull the lint screen out of the
housing in the top panel of the dryer. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the 2 screws
that secure the lint screen housing to the top panel. Push a putty knife under the lid
near the left and right edges of the front of the dryer. Lift the top and prop it securely
against the wall behind the dryer. Use a slot screwdriver to release the locking tab on
the wire harness plug for the door switch. Use a nut driver to remove the front panel
mounting screws from the inside of the cabinet. Pull the front panel forward slightly, and
then lift and unhook it from the 2 bottom hangers. Pull the front panel off of the dryer
and set it aside. Pull the wire harness plugs off of the valve coils. Remove the mounting
screws from the mounting bracket and then pull the mounting bracket off of the top of
the valve coils. Pull the valve coils off of the burner assembly. Attach the new coils
to the burner assembly. Reinstall the bracket and screw it into place with the screws. Replace
the wire harness plugs on the new valve coils. Position the front panel on the hangers at
the bottom of the cabinet. Line up the mounting screw holes and reinstall the screws in the
top of the front panel to secure it to the dryer cabinet. Plug the wire harness back
into the plug on the door switch. Lower the top panel and snap it into place. Reinstall
the screws in the lint duct housing and reinstall the lint screen. Plug the dryer into the wall
outlet. Turn on the gas supply to the dryer.

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